Love books but low on cash? How to find all the books you crave at great prices!

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When you’re on a budget and love books, it’s painful to go into a bookstore and pay $25 or more for ONE book. You may be surprised to learn that for that same amount of money, you can get 25-100 books! Where, you ask? “Check out” your local library!

Most public libraries have a volunteer organization called Friends of the Library (FOL for short) which conducts various events, including used book sales, to raise funds for the library. Books being sold come from two main sources:

  • Library books that have been removed from circulation. Many of these are in almost-like-new condition!
  • Donations from people like us (who need to make space for new books in our homes!).

Book prices at these sales may range from a dime or a quarter to 1-2 dollars per book. What a great deal! Sales may be held once a year, twice a year, or every month; there are even libraries that have a little “bookstore” set up inside the library year-round.

In my area, most book sales are held in the spring and summer. To find book sales in your area, search online for [Friends library “book sale” ]. For example:

Friends library “book sale” Chicago IL 2009

Or just inquire at your local library.

Many FOL have a special preview sale for members only the day before their actual sale. You can join the FOL at the door for $5-$15 and get the best selection of books before the general public. Don’t be intimidated by the many booksellers/dealers at these preview sales, toting their ISBN scanners. Yes, it’s also a great place to pick up books to sell online.

For real bargain hunters, the last day of the book sale is often “Bag Day”, where you can grab a whole bagful of books for a dollar!

So get the most for your book-buying cash and support your local library at the same time by attending the next FOL book sale in your area!

Happy reading!


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