Sony Ericsson IDOU

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Another first from Sony Ericsson, and this time it’s in the camera section.Sony Ericsson has come out with the world’s first 12 mega pixel camera.

Yeah, you read it right. LOL, a 12.1 mega pixel camera in a mobile phone. After I saw this, I was just thinking where this will end. There were times when 1 mega pixel was a huge issue, VGA cameras were ruling.And now it’s 12 mega pixel.I think the 8 mega pixel market will get drowned as the transition from the 8 mega pixel to the 12 mega pixel happened in a very short time interval.

Anyway, coming back to the phone itself, the Sony Ericsson IDOU (as it is called) comes with a 12.1 mega pixel shooter along with a xenon flash.It has got a lens cover (off course these kind of have have got to have lens covers). It also has got a full touchscreen interface with only 3 physical keys. I think that the music quality will also be very good, like any other Sony Ericsson product.There are many other features, and since this is not a review, I am not going into the details of everything. But just a touch of everything.Apart from thr 12 mega pixel camera, it has got 3G, GPS, Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi, accelerometer, and ya, it runs on Symbian S60 platform. So Nokia, watch out. 

By the way, the phone is scheduled to be launched in the last quarter of 2009.Sony Ericsson has now jus tunveiled the phone at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona.So let’s all wait till the end of 2009 and see.


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