How To Make Money With Free Niche Blogs

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There are several ways to make money on the Internet and by far the easiest platform to do so with is a blog. With a blog you can write about a niche subject and monetize the blog with revenue from the Google Adsense program. If you have a blog with interesting, fresh and unique content then you can expect to receive a steady stream of internet traffic. You can continue to monetize the blog and start making good money from it, or you can sell it when it becomes popular for a tidy profit.

Another effective method and my own personal favorite is affiliate marketing with free blogs. With this method you look for a niche where there is high demand and explore micro niches within the main niche. For example, you decide to set up a blog about “how to get pregnant”, to get ranked highly on Google for that keyword phrase would be difficult, however if you dig deeper into the niche by using the Google adwords External tool you discover keyword phrases which are posiible to target. In this example I found “How to get pregnant easy” competition for that phrase is low but there are almost thirty searches a day. Easy pickings!

Next I’ll do a search for affiliates on the internet, checking Clickbank, Commission Junction and search Google. After carefully selecting a popular affiliate with a good payout record, I’ll sign up and start researching the topic. This is a lengthly process where I will search the Internet, blogs, forums to discover the questions people are asking about in this niche. I’ll keep Google Documents open and cut and paste nits of information which I believe will be useful.

Next I’ll open up a Gmail account and set up a blogger blog for the Niche topic and then open accounts with Squidoo, hubpages, Bukisa, Wetpaint, WordPress etc. I’ll write unique content for each of these blogs and then link each one of these blogs to each other forming a network of one way links. From each blog on the network I’ll link to my target website. This could be a free blogger blog or squidoo Lens which advertizes the Niche product that I am promoting. This page will have a link to the affiliate’s landing page where I intend my traffic to go.

If you’re good with words and familiar with writing copy then you will have no problem doing this. You are in a powerful situation because those people who find you are people who are looking for an answer to their problem and are considering purchasing a product. The more you catch their attention and show them how the affiliate product will meet their needs the better chance you have of making a sale.

Once you have yopur network all set up and your landing page looking great, it is then time to start letting the world know about this awesome affiliate product which you are promoting.

I usually search for forums and blogs within the niche and register an account with them. I will then do my best to help people with their problems and establish trust within the community. I also look on Yahoo answers for questions about the niche, the people there are asking for information about your niche and it is perfectly alright for you to post a link to your informative blog. I also submit articles to Article directories, which make me regular sales.

There is no mystery behind making a living online through blogs, it just takes a lot of time, dedication, interesting content and promotion.

The biggest bugbear is the time element, you will be more successful if you can automate the repetitive and resource hungry activities which you do. There is some wonderful free Macro software to be found on the Internet, from stand alone applications to plugins for your browser. I have managed to automate a high percentage of my daily duties. I have Macro’s to add and remove friends on Twitter, to open accounts on Blogger and Googlemail, to check for important emails etc. If it is possible to automate an activity do so as it will pay large dividends in the long term.

How to automate your niche blogging for free


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