How to Face The First Day in Your Job

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Best foot forward

Butterflies flutter in your stomach and you are little nervous as to how the first day in your work will go. ‘Will I be able to cope with the new environment, will my boss like my work’ questions like this keep flashing in your mind and you are in knots as how to face your first day in work. You should not feelnervous as it will reflect in your body language and so you should feed self confidence in your mind.

Dress with an eye on a well groomed look. Do not dress in loud colors as it will be a distraction and present you in a negative way. Your hair should be well combed and you should be well shod. No casual wears and no freaky hair styles, please. Nails should be cut neatly and you should totally be presentableand dignified.

Punctuality is another important factor which is essential in giving an implication of your sincerity. Start early from home, giving room for the late arrivals of transportation and the heavy traffic. Nothing looks bad than a late arrival on the very first day of your work. Have a healthy breakfast beforeyoustart as you will need the energy to see you through the day. Do not skip your breakfast in your nervousness as you might feel tired when you are just half way through your work.

Be self confident in your behavior and also be careful to make sure that your self confidence does not border on over self confidence which will put off people from approaching you. You should have a smiling face and greet everyone in your work place and introduce yourself. Be friendly with everyone, but do not go overboard and make yourself too forthcoming as this too will have reverse effect.

Always maintain direct eye contact when you talk with your colleagues. Your concentration should be pencil sharp so that you will be able to grasp the various aspects of your work .If your concentration wavers ,it will show in your work and negative comments is not something you will want in your first day, would  you? You should not show off as if you are intelligent and very talented; let your work show it and not your words.

Do not also keep talking about your old company and how you things were done differently from what is being done in your new work. It is another put off and so you should avoid it. Do not rush out when your work time is over, as it gives you another negative mark. Stay back for a little while and get familiar with your work atmosphere. Never indulge in gossips and do not listen to gossips.

You should give respect not only to your boss, but also to your senior colleagues. Even if you do not like your first day in your work, there is nothing to be worry about it. You are new there and it will take time for you to settle down. Do not get into a pre conceived mindset that your new work is something that does not live up to your expectations. It takes time for you to get into the groove and so it is essential that you make up your mind to like your new job.

Unless you like your job, you are not going to give your best. The first day in your work might make you apprehensive, but it need not make you unhappy. As days passes you will take hold of the nuances of your work and if you are truly dedicated, you will definitely shine and make your mark in your work.


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