Is God Cruel

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This question is asked by many when they experience hardships in life even if they were honest and god fearing. You might have asked the question yourself and I too have asked the same question when I was undergoing a traumatic period in my life.

My husband was an honest man and would go out of the way to help the persons he knew if they suffered financially. But his business suffered a setback and we were down the doldrums as far as finance was concerned. Ironically he was diagnosed as a case of renal failure and as you know this illness can throw even the well off on to a financial drain. The nightmare of dialysis and the running around for money made my days a nightmare.

How could god be cruel as to make an honest man sick with a degenerative disease and to top it all to have my husband succumb to his illness? ‘So there was no answer to our prayers’ I told myself and god seemed to me cruel and out to destroy my happiness. He could have saved my husband if he had the inclination to answer my prayers. He had turned a deaf ear to my prayers, so I presumed.

This feeling that god is cruel got embedded in my mind when I saw young children suffering from incurable diseases. Such waste of young life and the agony of the parents made me feel even more convinced that god was indeed cruel. But in retrospect there was the other side of the coin. With the multitudes of people living in the world, is there only destruction from god?

It is very human to see and exaggerate the bad and not see the good. How much of happiness he has bestowed on us. There is love, concern and care in this world which give you immense happiness. There are beautiful relationships and you do get so much out of it. It is really sad to see young people suffering from illness and it is a waste of precious life. But it is the balancing game god plays.

You live a life of opposites, that is, when there is good, there is bad, when there is happiness, there is sadness, there are the healthy and there are the unhealthy. This is how life goes on. Imagine a world full of happiness and everyone in the optimum of health. Do you think you will be happy? Of course you wouldn’t, as you will not know the advantage of being happy as you have not experienced unhappiness. You will not cherish your health as you will not know the effects of sickness or bad health

It is only when you know the effects of the bad will you yearn for something good to happen to you. When you recover from a bad experience, you will fully enjoy it as it feels good to be out of a bitter incident. Bad experience is in fact your guide to lead your life in a more sensible way.

 Many suffer from illness, do all die? Out of the millions suffering, only thousands succumb to theirillness, others recover. Human mind always sees the bad, before seeing the good. You saw the tsunami which destroyed Japan. It was the saddest thing to happen to a country where disciple is a way of life. Hurricanes lash and destroy people and their belongings, earthquakes, tornadoes and many more natural calamities happen now and then to make us apprehensive about the ways of god.

There is a personal thought I want to share. These natural calamities are actually ‘ warning’ to man that he should never try to be a creator and at best man can only craft the tallest sky scrapers and boast that he can touch the sky. He can send people to the moon, but he cannot create anything. When man tries to play god, the result will be disastrous and god shows him his place now and then by making nature show its claws and we call it cruelty.

God is a creator and not a destroyer, he has given us so much to be happy about and he is kindness personified to the needy. He has worked miracles in my deprived life and I have recovered through his grace. When you can feel his kindness you will never be able to think of him as being cruel. Thesufferings you undergo are your destiny and your recovery from it is god’s grace.


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