Get rid of that over weight!

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Now is the time for you to make a choice! Now you can lose that extra kilo!

Well that is not quite right, because if you are not motivated, you won’t get slim at all.

So first of all find you motivation. How is your life going to be in 10 years? It does not matter what size of clothes you wear or what color your hair is! What matters is that you grow old, watch your children and grand children grow up. That you feel good, can play with your (grand-)children without getting stuck on the ground or losing your breath. That you have the power and energy to do all your daily tasks and when you have reached the end of your to-do list still have lots of energy left to enjoy life.

Do you enjoy life as it is right now? If not, why not change it for the better?

All you have to do is making small changes… you don’t have to miss out on your favorite meals.

Step by step change your live.
It must be small changes, don’t forget the major changes but just spilt it into small ones.
Maybe you need to get more exercise?
Maybe you don’t eat breakfast?
Maybe you need to eat less fast food?

I bet the list is long! And now I want you to write down that whole list.. Write it down! All of it. Even if it is several pages.
Did you do it?
Pick out 2 simple things that can improve your lifestyle, like take a small walk for 10 minutes a day, eat an apple for breakfast. High light these two things on your list and work on them for e week. When the week is over, pick up your list and take a look at your highlighted subjects.

Are you satisfied? Is it time to move forward and take the next step?
Eat a bit more for breakfast, walk for 15 minutes, change something in your lunch and so on.
If you are not ready to move forward then you use another week to reach your goal.
Next week it might be time to update your list and ad some new subjects to it? Or maybe delete some that is not needed anymore. But never ever delete the ones you have succeeded with! Keep them highlighted. It will remind you that you are a winner! Thi will keep you going and this will make you motivated!

The point is that you become aware of your habits and you are willing to change them. Congratulations that is a huge step. In 10 years you’ll be your body’s best friend!
This is not a fast way to lose weight but it the best way to lose weight and keep it off!Good luck!


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