Runes of Magic Alchemy Crafting

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Alchemy is a very great craft to level as you have numerous recipes to choose from that enhance your attacks, defense, and healing along with mana potions. This is a very powerful weapon against your enemies later in the game!

So lets get started! I will cover a basic level 1 craft so you can get the idea of how it all works, its the same concept as high level alchemy crafting so don’t worry. I will assume that you have picked up the crafting quests and can start making level 1 items.

At level 1 you will have some starter recipes that you can work off of but you have the oppurtunity to purchase recipes from an alchemy master. You can only buy and use recipes that match your alchemy skill level. The more you craft the lower level recipes the more levels you will gain and start unlocking more potent recipe combinations.

Find the npc near one of the crafting tools booths and click “I want to buy some recipes”.

You can hit the K key which will bring up the skill menu and will have the your full set of crafting skills and other items on that list.

Double click that icon and you will be able to see what kind of recipes you can craft. You will have to collect the correct ingredients from the battle field or find them in the auction house to complete the requirements of the recipe.

This basic healing potion requires you to aquire 1 copper sand bundle and 2 mountain grass poplar bundles, and an empty bottle to complete. Now go find some mountain poplar grass, remember to use the mini map to look for the resource dots it has.

You will need to gather 4 mountain poplar grass to create 2 bundles. Once you have done that you can look for a brass copper vein and collect 2 copper to create one of the bundles. Once you have enough mountain grass find the Alchemy tools station found in most of the towns or camps.

Once you have gathered the materials needed you will need to go near the alchemy station and craft the mountain grass poplar into the bundles you need. For the copper sand you will need to craft those bundles at a blacksmith station. When you are near one of these stations press “K” to open the skills panel… depending on what you need crafted you can double click that button. For this guide we are near the Blacksmith station and need to turn the brass copper into copper sand bundles. So you will double click smelting here.

Since you are near the blacksmithing tools station you will be able to caft the brass ore into the needed brass sand. You are only missing 1 ingredient now and that is the small empty bottle. You can purchase this for a small fee from an Alchemy Supply Merchant which are usually near the alchemy stations. Now that you have all the ingredients you can finish your desired recipe! Next go to a Alchemy station one last time and go into your skill interface and click Alchemy. Click on your Desired Recipe and you will see that you have all the ingredients required. Now click craft and you will recieve your items in your pack. Note: sometimes you will fail the craft but you don’t lose your items you gathered so just try again until it works.

The more you craft the more experience you will gain and levels. You will be very pleased with the results with the recipes at higher levels. I hope you enjoyed this guide and it was easy to follow. Now go out and craft!

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