September 9 Slow Down Computer Performance

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As the user’s computer, of course, we all want a good computer performance, fast response, easy access to information without having to wait a long time, and so on. It ‘so good that we know what the cause or effect of a slow computer. 9 The following summary reviews the most common causes slow computer performance as well as advice or solutions.

1. First malware (viruses, worms, trojans, etc.)

When computers are exposed to malware (viruses, worms, Trojan horses, etc.) are almost certain that the performance will be slow okmputer. The virus will often use the resources or the RAM or CPU, as well as the continuous activity monitoring by computer. It is certainly very influential on the performance of other applications.

The solution to avoid this for Windows users is to install an antivirus and not just stop there, but the routine updates the antivirus. Program at least once a week if the computer is not connected.

2. Spyware, adware and other

If you often use the computer to the Internet, if you are not careful there’s a chance your computer may be infected with spyware. This effect can be so great and the performance of your computer, but can affect your Internet connection and a number of issues that interfere with the convenience of surfing, and worse, important information (username, password, account, etc.), we know from the creator of this spyware.

Solutions can install anti-spyware is constantly updated classified simply are not much use of my resources (resources) of our team, it is not uncommon Antispyware uses the processor and memory that is large enough. If a virus is included, no need to add. Or use a portable version, and detect spyware on a regular basis only.

3, the number of applications running in the background

More computers and computer software, usually the more your computer is slow, even a relatively small effect, and there are great. It ‘important to note, when you install the software, check whether the application is always around. This may be aware of programs like Autoruns.

The solution in this case, it is important to use the software only, select one of the software if there is something similar software or have similar characteristics, and if it is a portable version, then it might be an option. To reduce the program running in the background, use Autoruns, and remove unnecessary background applications. You can see if the application is installed to run the program on the back, install the software, such as Winpatrol.

4. Hard disk drive (HDD), which is aged

When computers are increasingly using hardisk which is sufficiently long (old), can be more than 5 years, then gradually slow down computer performance. To check, you can use free software for the development of the hard disk and so on (see article: Check the status of the computer’s hard drive). SATA HDD normally an average read access (read) about 70-90 MB / s. For example, if the average hard disk access with less than 50 MB / sec, then performance will usually feel slow.

Solution when the hard drive is very slow, try full format (make sure that the data from the first backup). Although the old hard drive to this rule will not help much, so it is best to replace a new hard drive, and if you want to continue using the old hard drive, you can use as a secondary hard drive alone.

5.  RAM / Memory poor

Many of the less RAM / memory that we can not make a level comparable to one computer to another, or even the operating system. Although when you installed Windows in a sharing of RAM, but the type of application that we use must be taken into account. To check, open the Task Manager under Performance and control the use of physical memory, and PF is also demonstrates the total physical memory (RAM), and the rest of the available (available).

If no applications are running, but the rest of the RAM is not more than half, usually the team’s performance will be slow, then you should review any application that uses lots of memory (RAM) in general, can be seen in the Processes tab, column Souvenirs of use. If you are a low RAM (eg, Windows XP with 512 MB of RAM or less, Windows 7 with 1 GB of RAM), then the cheapest solution is the reduction in applications requiring less memory. The best solution is to upgrade the memory (RAM) (ie: Know what the RAM).

6. Applications of conflict or programs that are installed

It is not unusual for the two applications in the same class can cause conflicts, further down slows the performance of your computer. The signs of war forged a restless after installing the software, which previously did not have a problem. What often happens in the categories of conflict are usually security software like antivirus.

For example, we use two or more antivirus. Although some antivirus can run simultaneously, but still not recommended except for advanced users or for trial. Not to mention when I had to install additional security software.

If there is an alternative choice of a similar software, then, if possible, to choose one, which may represent a most efficient and e. In particular, this type of software, a lot of resources or access to the operating system.

7. Inappropriate selection of software

Not a few people just went with (the trend) in the use of software, but very desirable features in other software that is small and free. If we are really minimum specification computer and want to work faster and choose the right software. Software with a large size is not always better and more suitable for everyone. Here are some examples:

When you just want to burn data CD / DVD, exact solutions can use the software ImgBurn which is only 5 MB or more free burning software that is relatively smaller than the installation of Nero Multimedia Suite, which is about 354 MB.

When we work with compressed data (zip, rar), free software like 7zip, which is almost 1 MB should be sufficient, instead of installing Winzip 15 almost 13 MB in size and is not free (the software compression free)

If you use Photoshop 7 and CS1 / 2 is sufficient for the needs of the graph, then install Photoshop CS5 difikir repeated use, because the specification required is quite high, so it can work more slowly.

8. The number of software

Although the software is installed is not running behind, but almost all of the software will always be scored (data) recorded, so that more software is installed on the entire registry (for Windows) also grow. Therefore, the register must be used on both computers are running, and is already under way, the whole is also affected by the speed / response time was.

The solution is to use a program that only necessary, uninstall the software that is not important and use uninstaller like Revo Uninstaller to treat uninstallasi more. To clean the uninstall program that was running, you can also use a variety of free tools.

9. Effects of excessive use of Windows

Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 provide the possibility of using a screen with a variety of effects. If your computer has good specifications, various effects is not a problem, but if you want faster performance, the effects can be different without disabilities windows.

For example, Windows XP, click My Computer, select the Advanced tab and click on the performance parameter. We have also put through the system set to the correct settings and quickly, using a program like X-Setup Pro.

In fact, in addition to more than 9 things there are still many other reasons, such as the various services that Windows is not really necessary, the selection and placement of equipment is not optimal, the space of your hard disk (for example, the ‘ drive C:) to limit, or about to run out, etc.


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