Create your own Wedding invitations

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Weddng invitations

Step 1 Creating your own wedding invitations is a great thing to do. As there are many options now available for you and your spouse to create. I would recommend that both of you design and create them as it will take a lot of time depending upon the amount of invitations you are sending out.

Step 2 There are three basic types of invitations: photo with an overlay, a traditional standard bi or tri fold, or a combination of a photo with traditional writing and colors.

Step 3 Research the internet to determine the style you like. Pay close attention to the writing and outside details. Select a website that will allow you to create a mock print of your wedding invitation. Copy and paste the information into a word document. Create an outline of what you want your invitations to look like.

Step 4 Visit the web sites for Wal-Mart, Target, Office Max, and other major retailers of paper. They have specially designed “wedding” paper for you to print at home using a standard printer. Using the information you found on the website select an invitation that is right for you. Order over the internet if you have time or go to the local store to see how your invitations will look.

Step 5 Take your time and research. You can book mark this page to refer back to in order to get additional information on invitations. If you wan a specific color you can buy color print to match. However, black is a nice basic color you can select without paying out the extra money.

Step 6 If you prefer to use color for your invitations you may want to select the invitations that you can overlay the paper. This will allow you to print in a different color and have the ink raised slightly above the paper.

Step 7 Once you buy the paper. Use the template as noted on the inside directions. Print them off and wait until they are completely dry. Stuff and mail them within one day.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be creative
  • Buy extra print toner
  • Verify making them yourself will save time.
  • It may be cheaper to have someone make them for you.

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