The Basics Of Roofing And Guttering

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Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, this is what provides protection from the elements and takes the full onslaught of all weather conditions such as downpours, snow and hail, sun, wind and all the temperature differences our diverse climate has on offer. For these reasons you must give careful consideration to the type of material your roof is made from to ensure that it will best fit your needs now, and in the long term.

Slate roofing is a very natural look which is strong and long lasting, it also offers good fire protection and was once the most commonly used medium but is also one of the most expensive. The degree of difficulty with installing slate needs an experienced roofing tradesperson like the staff at Stronglife Gutters and Roofing.

Concrete tiles offer a variety of looks which can be molded into various shapes and sizes,  these are fire retardant and durable but also heavy and this increases the load placed on the building.  Concrete can also be damaged during a hailstorm so we do not recommend it in areas prone to this weather condition.

Metal roofs have become very popular and offer protection against the elements, they are long lasting and the choice of colour and style of metal is very appealing, this along with the fact that they are a recycled material makes them environmentally pleasing. Metal roofing can be difficult to install and again requires an experienced roofer who knows his trade. For a proper consultation about your metal roofing options contact a Strong Life Gutters and Roofing professional.

Once the decision has been made by you regarding your new roof, it’s take into consideration the guttering your home requires. We would not want to put our most valuable asset at risk by neglecting this important addition. Traditional guttering is made from iron sheets however at Stronglife Gutters and Roofing we use Ace Guttering which is made from a more durable galvanized steel or aluminium and is the best quality guttering product available on the Australian market. The ACE Guttering products are seamless, and contain no joins that can bend or break under pressure, which translates to no leakages and less need for replacement down the track.

A good roof with quality guttering will protect your home and your assets for many years to come. For a full consultation contact a Strong Life Gutters and Roofing consultant today. 


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