Oil Paintings Are Not Just For Museums, Mansions

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While oil paintings grace the walls of mansions and museums, they can just as easily add color, interest and a decorative flair to any residence. From country estates to city condominiums, and everything in between, there is a place for art to be hung on the wall or displayed on a mantel or shelf. While prints have their place and are sometimes more economical than original works, there is no doubt that, if one looks around a bit, they will be surprised to find affordable hand-painted oil paintings or excellent replicas in abundance.

Nothing enriches the atmosphere of a home more than the use of oil paintings. Moreover, they can be used throughout, from the bedroom to the dining area, with equal ease. While subject matter should be appropriate, there are otherwise few limitations. As sizes vary greatly, it is just as possible to find the perfect little oil on canvas to put over a chair in the bedroom as a much larger one depicting a landscape or city street for a less personal room.

Paintings that express modern art are often sought for their lack of subject matter, moreover, with emphasis on color, pattern, or design. This type of painting has merit, too, because its viewing is subject to interpretation, yet its very presence can pull together a room’s decorative elements and make it much more inviting.

Another important use for oil paintings is in offices other than in the home. Not only do they lend a sense of taste and a more enlightened atmosphere, but they effortlessly provide relief from stark commercial walls and interiors, affording visitors and clients something to look at while waiting. As using prints simply adds to the starkly commercial feeling, the use of oil paintings does the opposite and sends a message that a little more care and effort have gone into making the atmosphere more pleasing.

While oil paintings are often framed, with frame size, style, and quality dependent on a painting’s size, theme, and usage, they do not have to be framed to look attractive. Sometimes simply allowing them to float on the wall, unframed, makes a statement and keeps the frame from becoming a central or overbearing feature. The latter does not usually occur, though, with well-chosen frames, but only with those too massive or decorative for the piece within.

Another great way to display oil paintings, at home or at the office, is on a small easel or simply propped on a mantel or shelf. Small paintings lend themselves well to this approach and are decidedly nice substitutes for the usual standing ornamental pieces or vases. Moreover, they break up the monotony of areas, like shelves, that are often full of items lacking in visual interest.

Finally, selecting oil paintings for personal or office decorating needs is bound to be much more rewarding than settling for the usual mass produced fare. The atmosphere they create is often just as unique and one-a-kind as the works themselves. For most, that represents a very satisfying, long-lasting, and worthwhile solution for enhancing almost any situation.

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