Cheap Exercise Weights For a Total Body Workout

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Cheap exercise weights are a great way for you to get a total body workout without spending lots of money on your home gym. In fact, weight are one of the most cost effective things that you can add to your strength training arsenal.

If you want to beef up your home gym, and your muscles at the same time, pick up a set of exercise weights like dumbbells. Other free weights are rather cheap as well, but a good set of dumbbells is all you need to do dozens of exercises that will target every part of your body from head to toe.

Advantages of Dumbbells

They are inexpensive. A basic set of dumbbells, which will last for as long as you do, are affordable and available at nearly any general merchandise store. For the wide variety of exercises that you can do with dumbbells, they are the best value out there.

They are small. That means you won’t need to dedicate half of your family room to your weight lifting equipment. You can tuck these weights safely away in the corner when not in use. They are space savers, especially good if you are tight on space.

They are versatile. Because you can perform complex movements in a wide range of motion, you are able to do more exercises with a simple set of dumbbells that you can even with a home gym. It’s easier to enjoy your workout if you can keep mixing it up.

They make you work your arms independently. That means you can’t cheat one hand by compensating with the other. This helps you to build balances strength and triggers smaller muscle groups used to stabilize the weights.

They are adjustable. It is very easy, particularly with quick release or quick change sets, to adjust the weight up or down quickly. That means you can keep your heart rate going and keep your workout on track.

They may be safer than barbells in some cases. Of course, you can still drop them on yourself, but you will avoid the barbell across the neck that is possible if you don’t have a spotter.

Types of Dumbbells

To get a great workout with dumbbells, you really don’t need to spend much money. The cheapest sets are made of a concrete core wrapped in plastic and they do a find job.

If you want to step it up a notch but still keep the cost down, go with the metal sets with the quick adjust or screw-on ends. These weights are sleeker and easier to use but are still very affordable.

If money is not as important, quick release sets like PowerBlock are great, but they will cost you. What you get for the cost is the easiest set of dumbbells to use.

Time to Get Started

If you want to get a great home gym workout without spending too much money, dumbbells will give you the strength training to get the exercise you need at the cost you desire. Cheap exercise weights are readily available and waiting for you.


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