Planning Successful Field Sales Solutions

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Field sales campaigns vary greatly in the level of return on investment they provide. As with other marketing initiatives, several factors can make the difference between a lucrative investment and a costly mistake. Although there is no such thing as a guaranteed success, you can take several simple measures to ensure your campaign has the best possible chance of making a worthwhile return.  

First and foremost, there are no universal rules regarding the construction of an effective field sales campaign. Everything will depend on the particulars of product, budget, brand, industry and market, so each field sales campaign must be designed from the ground up with these factors in mind. Assumptions are the enemy of any marketing initiative: it is impossible to over-stress the significance of conducting appropriate research before pivotal decisions are made. 

Whether it is best to handle field sales in-house or outsource the work to an agency depends largely on the size and structure of the business concerned. For larger businesses with dedicated field sales teams, it might be unwise to outsource the work as this will waste valuable resources. For businesses that would otherwise be borrowing staff members from other departments or recruiting temporary staff for the campaign duration, using an agency is often best. Contracting the work to a reputable field marketing agency will also spare you the administrative hassle associated with managing a field sales campaign.  

When it comes to field sales solutions, venue is everything. If you already know who buys your product, you are halfway towards deciding on the right venue to host your sales team. Keeping budget in mind, you should try to choose a place where there will be a high volume of targeted footfall from demographics that regularly yield consumers of your products. During field sales campaigns, the venue you choose will dictate the people who come into contact with your sales team – if you choose the wrong venue, you will have the wrong customers, and this will make selling your product both difficult and costly.

Field sales campaigns are often at their most cost-effective when they are attached to an event that already promotes the lifestyle associated with the product that is being sold. In other words, if the product concerned is an expensive but ultra lightweight camera tripod, photography trade exhibitions are likely to be the perfect place to reach a receptive audience. Many of the people attending exhibitions of this sort will be professional photographers, who are likely to have both a reasonable source of income and a desire to own the convenient tripod. 

Whilst venue selection will have a profound impact on any field sales campaign, there are so many other points to consider that it can be tempting to hand over full responsibility to an experienced agency. Many agencies will be equipped to handle every aspect of a campaign from the basic planning to the minor details – but it is important to check the credentials of any marketing agency before committing to a contract.


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