The Role Of Tallo River For Environment And Development of Makassar City

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The Tallo River is one of the rivers that flows in Makassar vicinity. Before,  it lied at the boundarry  between urban area and rural area of Makassar City. Due to the rapid growt of development, this river  has been becoming inside of urban area. The near future it will be exactly at the middle of the city.  Therefore Tallo river has a crucial role both in the environmental and development of Makassar city, Thus the special attention should be taken into considrtation for Tallo river, because it  has been becoming important and important from time to time  for for development of Makassar city. Besides, From the  environmental point of view some existing environmental issues can be identified, analysed, and also took into account as  crucial factor. Therefore the objective of the study is to find an optimum solution for development, and  maintaining the environment as well. Studies has been conducted for development & environmental for Makassar City Exspecially for The Tallo River. Therefore the methodology for prepairing this paper is data collection, Evaluation of previous studies. In conclussion the result of this study is a general development formulation of Tallo River with its environment is stongly a factor that should be stessing to make both in harmony. This formula can be suggested for every one or bureaus which will involve in such kind of activity.

The Tallo River flows in Makassar city. There are another two rivers in that city, i.e Jeneberang River and Pampang River ( it’s called a creek and has been improvrd as a main drainage channel) . The Jeneberang River has been developed as a multipurpose system development, both for providing raw water for drinking water, irrigation, hidropower generation, and for flood control., and river environment. The Bili-Bili reservoir has been built to meet the water demand, some flood control infrastructures as dikes, Bili-Bili dam itself, groundsill, groin etc. The river flood mitigation is provided by Bili-Bili reservoir and river flood control system that has been constructed yet. Besides. The fllood inundation due to heavy rainfall has been mitigated by constructing some canal system i.e Jongaya, Panampu, Sinrijala and Pampang drainage system.  As mentioned above Tallo river has a crucial role both in the environmental and development of Makassar city, Thus the role of Tallo river has been becoming important and important from time for Makassar city in  general .

Nowadays, flood control system at a big part of Makassar City, i.e  westward of Tallo River has been functioning well because it has been regulated by Bili-Bili flood control system, the Jeneberang river flood control improvement, West part of Makassar Citi drainage improvement. The flood regulation of Bili-Bili dam and Jeneberang river flood control improvement,has met the optimum improvement stage; i.e called as overall system improvement. But the remaining system i. e the drainage improvement is still only at the the urgent system improvement. This condition is due to the fact that the overaal system of that can only exist if The Tallo River System will also at the overaal stage. Due to the fact that mentioned above It is clear that The Role of Tallo river for developing  exspecially flood control system is quite important. Beside that the drainage system could be developed at the area eastward of Tallo River.

Nowadays the Makassar Water demand has been fulfilled by Lecopancing water supply system,  Bili-Bili water supply system., but in the near future the rapid population grouwt  caused the more water supply system. The Tallo River may be one off the water resources for developing a new water supply system.  But unfortunately Tallo River basin doesn’t provide any space for reservoir construction, because only one third of the catchment area is a mountainaus  or hiilly land. The construction of dam will not be effective and efficient, both for providing raw water and flood control purpose.


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