India is Worried

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When a national leader is ill the whole nation is worried. But when the whole nation is ill who has to be worried? Even if the country is not worried it does not matter; but the dangerous situation arises when those who are holding the reigns of the country do not seem to think of the illness of the country.

India was extremely happy when a safe government was enthroned in power under the leadership of an able, uncorrupted and experienced Prime Minister. But what is the situation in the country today?

Hike in prices 
Prices of food commodities are soaring high beyond the reach of common man. Fuel price is hiked, so to say, every day plundering the pockets of middle class people, while the oil companies and their ornamental benefits remain safe and unaffected. How can this burden be shouldered by the suffering mass if they are taxed in every way? Prices of essential commodities are strangling the middle and poor class people of India. Every day this strangling gets more tightened. The country is overheated day by day by the unjustifiable increase in prices.

Threats across the borders of the country 
The border situation of the country is also frightening. China and Pakistan are intruding into the country with greedy intentions. Do they want to make use of the present weakness of the nation? Political leaders are more worried about the vote banks than the safety of the country.

Caste politics 
Caste politics is crippling every movement of every sincere heart that worries about the country. Atma of the nation seems to be crushed by castes. Democracy of the greatest democratic country is sold in public market for mean profits of crooked minded demons that monopolize even corruption.

Corruption on the increase 
Leaders like Anna Hazare worry about the increasing corruption in the country. Media voice about corruption going bad to worse day by day. People with conscience are worried about the decay in law and order situation. Culprits and terrorist roam about everywhere without any fear or restriction.

Employment situation hopeless 
Employments are streamlined and regular and permanent jobs are reduced. Contract systemand privatization of jobs are wiping every hope of future from the youth of India who are more than 243 million, holding India as the largest population of youths in the world. Even the normal maintenance works are allotted to contractors. Agriculture sector is completely neglected, causing heavy burden on the poor Indian farmer. Statistics about increase in suicides and suicide attempts should be a shock to every Indian, opening his eyes to look at the hopeless situation in the country.

Although there are a few rich Indians who occupy the top ranks in World’s rich, most of theirwealth was swindled from the poor mass of the nation and deposited in foreign banks andinvestments.
India is more worried. Bharat Matha is shedding tears of blood as the leaders at the top are negligent. The independence got at midnight is waiting yet for a bright dawn. 


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