What Difference Does a DC Motor Make In A Heater System?

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Many of the new furnaces available today on the Calgary market are equipped with a DC volt variable speed blower motor.  These variable-speed direct current, or DC, fan motors are generally more efficient than heaters outfitted with standard PSC electric motors. Why? Simply because these kind of motors consume far less electricity than old traditional blower motors that were installed in older furnaces.  Now that’s the primary difference and one of the major advantage of a DC motor in a heater system.

If you are thinking in running a furnace fan continuously in order to filter air in your home throughout the winter, an efficient variable-speed motor will definitely save you hundreds of dollars a year.  How efficient a furnace is will be important for the heating, garage heaters and air conditioner given the fact that both rely on the electric motor used by the furnace itself.

Furnace manufacturers really love DC motors, and they will even provide better warranties for furnaces working with this kind of motor. They do this because a properly maintained furnace with this type of motor will never overheat and will have a much longer lifer, therefore, there’s a less probability of having the item returned for replacement.

Additionally, many of the government rebates that are offered right now actually mandate that you have one of these blower motors.  Some of the other benefits to the new motors are that they circulate the air around your home much more evenly so the entire house will be conditioned properly. Aside from that, DC motors can be a lot quieter while it is operating so you rest assured that your good sleep will not be distracted.

One thing you should definitely take into account is that you should keep your furnace system well maintained, because a dirty filter or duct will make the motor compensate for a poor air flow and thus speed up even more. This then result to more wear and tear in the motor, raising the electric bill even more as time goes by. You may not notice this soon but your electric bill and the quality of air-conditioning will tell you the great difference.


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