Pranks That Turned Into Freak Accidents

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Pool Prank

Rachel Freidman had been playfully pushed down the pool too many times that she never thought that anything can go wrong. But in 2010, just one month before her wedding, this simple prank had could’ve almost leaved Freidman paralyzed for life.

Freidman and her friends were celebrating her incoming wedding and at the end of the night they decided to go for a swim. Freidman’s bestfriend did the usual prank of pushing her down to the pool. Rachel fell head first and knocked her head to the bottom of the pool. Freidman was instantly paralyzed but Freidman managed to float herself up the surface of the water and called for help.

At the hospital, it was discovered that her cervical vertebral segment (cervical spine) was damaged (also called C5 spinal cord injury). Freidman’s mobility was affected and some parts of her body were numbed. Freidmanwas only able to recover after a series of therapy.

Road Prank

Matthew Webb, a 37-year-old roof fitter played a prank of lying down in the middle of the road after a night of heavy drinking. He had been successful in this stunt twice already but on his third time a driver of a Peugeot 106 hasn’t noticed him, dragging his body under the car. He died on the spot due to multiple injuries.

Chloe Claridge, the driver of the Peugeot 106 that hit Webb said that she was distracted by some people fighting by the roadside that she did not noticed Webb. The investigators noted that Webb’s dark clothing had contributed to the fatal accident.

A report from a forensic scientist also revealed that Webb’s blood alcohol level was 133 mg per 100ml of blood.

The coroner recorded a verdict of “death by misadventure”.

Bus Prank

Mark Oswald, a 14-year-old school boy from Edinburgh Scotland was dragged to his death by a double-deckerbus after drawing out a prank with some school friends.

Oswald was seen by some witnesses throwing a baseball cap on to the wing mirror of the double-decker bus. As the bus was leaving, Oswald tried to grab the cap but he was unexpectedly dragged and crushed by the bus’s wheels leaving him dead on the spot.

Washing Line Prank

Sixteen-year-old Michael Taylor was known by his family as a prankster but his last attempt to induce shock and laughter caused him his life. His body was found at their backyard, hanging from a washing line.

The family speculated that Taylor could’ve plotted to do a stunt to scare his brother who had gone to see a horror film that night. Dr. Mark Sissons, a pathologist saw marks on Taylor’s neck that indicate his struggle to break free from cord that was suspended to the washing line.

Though there were signs of alcohol and cannabis in Taylor’s bloodstream, it was estimated to be taken four weeks earlier and could not have influenced his way of thinking at the event of his death. Taylor’s spat with his mother was also dismissed as something trivial that his death was considered unintentional.

Roman Candles Prank

A fire in an off-campus house near Bradley University killed 19-year-old Sheridan “Danny” Dahlquist. It was said that the fire was started by four college students, three of whom are from Bradley University and one from Illinois Central College.

The four were said to have set up a prank for Dahlquist that Sunday morning after a night of drinking. They lighted two roman candles, small fireworks-like devices to frighten or surprise Dahlquist and make him run outside wearing only his underwear. But the roman candles ignited a blaze that spread almost instantly thatDahlquist, who was the Bradley students’ teammate in the soccer team wasn’t rescued. Dahlquist died of suffocation.


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