Origin Wheat Planted in West Sumatra Slovakia

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San Francisco – To meet the needs of wheat in the country, a breakthrough made by the government. Slovak origin wheat is now grown in West Sumatra (West Sumatra). Wheat is not grown in large quantities but only as an experiment.

“Planting has been carried out in March 2011 and then at 20 locations in West Sumatra, including in London,” said the Ambassador to the Slovak Republic Harsha E Joesoef at the Palace Hotel, San Francisco, USA, on Monday night (07/11/2011)

The experiment was conducted to test whether the origin of Slovak wheat can be grown in tropical regions such as Indonesia. The trial was conducted by researchers from the University of Andalas.

Of the 20 places for growing wheat, there are three places that assessed the wheat grow well and produce well. Three place anywhere, Harsha is not memorized.

“Who knows more details, Andalas University. What is clear, next week will have started to harvest,” he said.

Harsha explaining that cooperation Slovakia and the Indonesian government has been built long ago. After harvest later, continued Harsha, Slovakia wheat planting in West Sumatra will be investigated further.

“Included will be investigated economical, whether it is feasible to be forwarded and mass planted or not to meet the needs of wheat in the country,” he said.

Indonesian Flour Producers Association (APTINDO) recorded realization Indonesia imported wheat in 2010 through 5.85 million tons, equivalent to 4.3 million tons of wheat flour consumption. It is estimated that each year the national wheat consumption rose 6%.

Trial planting of wheat in Indonesia is also done by APTINDO, who has made the development of tropical wheat during the last 10 years. Food experts from India, Nagarajan in 1999 has introduced varieties of tropical wheat in Indonesia.

Development of tropical research sites such as wheat in the plains of middle like Karanglo Tawangmangu Karanganyar highlands of Central Java and Kopeng Salaran and Piji Salatiga in Central Java.

The result is known tropical plants can be attacked wheat pest aphids, panicle-eating caterpillar, caterpillar drive shaft, worm soil, and Orong-Orong. While the wheat crop can be attacked plant disease that is dark acne spots, wilt disease, and scabies panicle.

Planting wheat in Indonesia was started in the early 20th century on a limited basis in Java that is at Canning, Dieng, Tengger, and Amanumbang. Wheat planted area in Indonesia was never developed and never exceed the land area of ​​2,000 hectares per year, this time even just a few acres left alone.

The cause of wheat development in Indonesia was developed because there was no shelter of grain, no special effort from the government to develop wheat and wheat crops grown in the highlands so it must compete with vegetable plants are more promising.


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