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Save the image and the video player to Record Webcam dg

For owners of laptop (notebook) or a netbook, including a webcam on his laptop, sometimes confusing when looking for a software to store or record video from webcam included. Because usually a CD or DVD ddrive not include the software that came with this webcam. Otherwise, we can use the camera Play.

No involvement of the software to capture images / video webcam users can be quite annoying. Game camera is free software for recording images or video from the webcam on your computer (PC or laptop). See the program is very user friendly, so it is easy to use. When run, the camera automatically and instantly display photos / video that is in front.

The user does not need much to learn, because the main view, only 4 menus, ie:

Open the folder to store, organize, store images or video capture

Capture, save the images that appear on webcam

Record a video, save video in the form of a video

Play head of the camera, open the help file / help

From the menu, probably most of us already know what their respective functions. Several options can be accessed by right-clicking the video area or picture on the application. In addition to storing the captured image or video, this software also adds several other features such as:

Set different video effects like brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, contrast, white balance and more.

Adjusting the Resolution and the device, which enabled audio devices, including

Set the video effects, such as picture mode (Mirror horizontal and vertical), Ode to color (Black & White, Sepia), and the red, green and blue

In terms of its features are not much, but enough for those who need a simple software to capture images / video from a webcam or just to check if the camera is on your PC or laptop works well. No need to worry about the developer of this software because it was developed by e Samgsung. To try to please download from the following link and install it on your computer or laptop. This software can run on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.


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