Monitor The Status Of The Hdd Acronis Drive Monitor

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The hard drive is a part of your computer / PC, which is guarded condition, especially if it contains a lot of important data or documents that can be much more than the hard drive itself. How can we monitor the condition (health), our computer’s hard drive?

Damage to the hard drive is much happening for some people, ranging from mild to severe. The existence of bad sectors on hard drive can be fatal, since the necessary information that may be the result of several months or even years may go away.

To prevent and check the hard drive, one of the free software you can use the Acronis Drive Director. With this software, we helped the absence of a warning when the disk begins problematic. Not only that, this software monitor things like temperature, an error reading or writing, the total execution time, etc.. This alarm, we can immediately secure the information necessary to prepare and replace new hard disk.

Download Acronis Drive Monitor

Even if free, but to get the software, which is about 18 MB of this, we need to record the name, origin, and an e-mail. Check the link to download from CNET and Softpedia felt subject to registration. That’s why we only download from Acronis official website (link at bottom). Choose a download page select the only for home users

After filling in before the name, address and e-mail, we will be proposed to include additional software (Acronis True Image, is not free, but try / experiment). So we choose the download option at no extra charge by clicking on the Continue button without adding. After the download will begin.


When the download, install on your computer. When the program is installed on the computer and there are 3 main menu, or a disk, backup, and critical events. Backup menu will not be treated because of backups here and do not require other software included in this application.

The disc menu is the main menu, we will be flying all kinds of information on computer hard drive, such as temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit, can be arranged in the options), the power on, HDD Health, SMART monitoring and status of each set of parameters and events. If the hard disk temperature or abnormal conditions, this application gives a warning.

Critical incident on the menu, we can see if there are events that indicate the error data (read or write) that is detected by Windows Event Log. Double-click a message for more information.

This software is very useful, especially for those who use the computer hard-working high so we need to get a warning if the temperature is too high, hard disk, hard drive to prevent damage or data loss. This software is an installation and live use, because we do not need to set a lot of things that could change the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius only.

The downside is the software that I downloaded that must go through the registration, and file sizes are very large, so that the monitoring functions. Alternatively, we could use similar free software, namely the disc information of crystal. We do not need to register to use this software and its size is only about 1.6 megabytes.


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