Play Video Games Can Cure Stroke Patients

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Who would not love to play video games? In addition to entertaining, this game has long been known to help restore movement to stroke patients. But it turns out that not only benefits to health. New research from Johns Hopkins shows that this game can also be an effective physical therapy.

In a report published online in the Journal of Critical Care, the researchers studied the feasibility of using video games to complete physical therapy in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Johns Hopkins researchers identified 22 people who are critically ill adult patients for one year. Patients are invited to play video games as part of routine physical therapy. These patients are part of the 410 patients who received standard physical therapy in the ICU.

The patients in this study are mostly males aged 32 to 64 years. Generally, the patients were admitted to the ICU because of health problems such as respiratory failure, sepsis (inflammation throughout the body), and cardiac and vascular disease.

All patients participated in 42 therapy sessions using video game consoles Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit. All patients can complete this activity for nearly half of the session 20 minutes and directly supervised by a physical therapist.

Video games are the most commonly played is boxing, bowling, and use the balance board. Selection of this game is aimed at improving stamina and balance patients.

“Patients are treated in medical intensive care unit is very sick and although it has received physical therapy, they still have problems with muscles, balance and coordination tubhnya to be able to recover,” said Michelle E Kho, PT, PhD, assistant professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Johns Hopkins who led the research.

“We’re always looking for creative ways to improve the rehabilitation care of critically ill patients, and our research shows that interactive video games can help,” he added and taken by, Tuesday (08/11/2011).

Therapy in short-duration video games is ideal and very cheap compared to medical equipment in the ICU. When added to regular physical therapy, video games can increase the interest of patients to follow treatment and be motivated to do the therapy again.

“Our study has limitations because patients are not randomly selected, session of video games that are rare, and the small number of patients. The next step is to learn what the best benefits of physical therapy from a video game,” said Kho.


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