Five Reasons For Diamond Engagement Rings

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1. History Of Diamond

Diamonds give the wearer great protection from all sorts of evil and make them invincible.

2. To Show Off

By wearing the diamond engagement ring and showing it off to all you know, will give the impression of great care and love from your fiance to you, and in the way he chose to present you with such a lovely ring.

3. Diamond Sparkle

As the diamond in your ring catches the light, the sparkle and fire from inside is simply sure to get the attention of all who are close.

4. Hardness

Because diamonds have a Moh’s scale of hardness that is 10, they are the most robust of gemstones known, and therefore will be more resistant to scratching and any damage while being worn.

5. Diamond As A Birthstone

Diamonds are the birthstone that is used to celebrate those who are born in the month of April. So, if you are an Aries, then it is obvious that the best gemstone to choose to set in your engagement ring, no matter what style, is that of the diamond.

In Conclusion

The diamonds used in these rings will be most often set in metal types of 18ct yellow or white gold, platinum or sometimes palladium which is a cheaper alternative to that of platinum. Whatever the metal used, all women would be extremely pleased, if their dreams were to come true and they received a 1ct diamond engagement ring of a loved one!

If you are to get the most out of your engagement ring, then with a little care it will sparkle just like the day it did when you first purchased it. Unfortunately diamonds do attract dirt and dust, and this will become settled in the surrounding metals, so with a little warm water, detergent, and soft old toothbrush, clean it regularly and it will not disappoint you.

It does not matter what quality, shape or design of engagement ring you have, just please make sure you wear and enjoy it for as much as possible. Everybody knows that diamond engagement rings “are forever,” and that they are also “A Girls Best Friend”!

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