Myths About Cholesterol And Diet

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Cholesterol is not as bad as many made it out to be. It is required by the body to produce hormones such as estrogen and testesterone.

Bad cholesterol in the system does not always lead to heart disease. Mental and other physical factors such as severe stress, exercise or body can be the cause of bad cholesterol in the blood increases.

High cholesterol is not responsible for arteriosclerosis, a condition when a plaque (made up of hardened cholesterol) begin to form and attach itself to blood vessel walls.

There is no specific diet can reduce bad cholesterol because cholesterol your body produces much worse than the food it can handle.

Heavy consumption of animal fat as a result of the consumption of meat will not cause arteriosclerosis, so it will not consume animal fats carry heart disease.

Cholesterol Medication management does not lead to increased mortality of people eat it

Management of cholesterol drugs have certain side effects that can be effectively managed with other drugs and we must find the most suitable drugs by trial and error.

Cholesterol management drug market is a market of U.S. $ 16 Billion. It is therefore not surprising that some money will be spent promoting the drug is in the best light. There is also a huge market for those drugs that will treat the side effects. The major side effects have been documented, including the risk of cancer, general weakness, immune system suppression, and muscle and kidney damage.

Need to take a little time to list the various side effects of statin drugs have on the human body as reported. The first major side effect is the effect that the drug has on the liver. After a while the liver is not functioning properly. This happened at a fraction of the user and clinicians must take certain blood tests periodically to monitor this issue. The next major side effect called myopathy which is a condition in which muscle tissue is affected. Severe pain is experienced and if the drug continues to have a condition called rhabdomyolysis that developed that can lead to death.

Taking statin drugs with other drugs can also be very dangerous. The combination of statins with antibiotics or anti-fungal been known to present many problems for the body. Taking together the orange juice statins is definitely a no-no. This combination actually increase levels of cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Statin drugs have also been reported to affect one’s ability to concentrate, remember and think. They have also been known to induce depression. Statins have been reported to cause recurrent headaches, joint pain, abdominal pain, numbness and tingling in one’s hands and feet.

Other reported side effects include sleep problems, dizziness, a sense of detachment, swelling, shortness of breath, changes in vision, change in weight, hunger, breast enlargement, changes in blood sugar, dry skin, rashes, changes in blood pressure, nausea, abdominal pain , bleeding and rings in the ears.

Another aspect of these drugs is that they are quite expensive and not affordable for ordinary people. The company claims that they have to go back research and development spending and that’s why the price is very high.


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