How to "Haggle" with vendors at outdoor markets, indoor ones too.

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 When you approach a vendor at a flea market, be aware they are watching you and can read you like a book. So when do not act over excited about an object. Yes you can admire it and compliment them on it, but do not say “I just have to have that” especially if you are with a member of the opposite sex. That they will use to their advantage.
Check the item out carefully, ask them if you can pick it up, and check inside, outside, look for cracks, chips and flaws. Do not tell them about the flaws until you start talking price. Do not be sarcastic in your discussion, act professional. Ask them how is it made, where was it made and who made it.

  If a vendor makes their own merchandise, like me, they take pride in it, that is why they are selling it. Again do not be sarcastic or judgmental when looking at, or tasting their product. If you are then they could care less that you buy from them, because they know the next person will be an easier sell to than you. If what they have does not smell or taste good, keep trying their samples and when you get a good one tell them. Compliments a feather in your cap. Another area to stay away from is suggesting how they could make it better, instead suggest what it would go, or look good with.

 Now we get down to the talking about price. First of all, do not tell them they are too expensive, or overpriced. Act like you really do not need it, that is important. Walk away from the item, but keep looking back at it, making sure the vendor sees you look back at it. Then walk back and stare at it, back up a few steps look at it again, tilt your head. Act like you want it, but do not need it.
If the vendor is selling smaller inexpensive items ask if there is a discount for multiple purchases. Smaller items you probably will not get a discount on but if you by multiple items you probably will.

 Again remember these vendors are watching you, put on an act. They are. The more you act like you want it but do not need it the better it is for you. Do not let them get the people you are with side with them, or other people in the crowd. Make them a fair offer on items, ask 25% off and go from there. Do not tell them you saw it down the road for less, they could care less about that.

  Most important, enjoy the fun of “haggling”. But do not have an attitude, if so they could care less if they sell to you. Repeat customers always get a discount.


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