How to Evaluate, Believe And Achieve Your Goals

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I have noticed that when I ask the question, How much money do you want? Most people think for a minute, then answer, I want a million dollars!

Yes, me too. I want to have a million dollars available in my checking account to spend on my projects and my family. And when I ask, How much do you believe that you can make a million dollars this year? , people think about this, too and almost everybody says, I don’t believe that I can make that amount of money. I used to answer in the same way. So I asked myself, Why spend your time on pursuing goals that you don’t believe you can accomplish?

That is the first reason why people don’t accomplish their goals, because they don’t believe that they can get what they want. They set up “impossible” goals for themselves. I’m saying impossible because they don’t believe that they can have what they want. Maybe they think they don’t deserve it or they are not capable of getting what they want. That is why it is very important to evaluate how much you believe in your goal/dream before wasting your time trying to get something that you don’t believe you can get. If you don’t believe you will never accomplish anything.

Here are my own steps to evaluate and accomplish my goals.

-Know WHAT we want. This is first step to getting what we want. Define your goals. If we don’t know exactly what we want, how do we get it? If we know where we want to go, we are already there.

-Write down your goal and dreams. It is very important to write down your goals and dreams. Look for a dream book (a special notebook to write your dreams and goals in) and create a habit of writing down everything you want in it. I’m sure you have a notebook to write your business/professional goals too, right?

-Be specific, but not too specific that you limit all the possibilities (including the best ones for you). Sometimes it’s better not being too specific, leaving some details to the Universe. If you want to have a beautiful house and you know a house that you want, it is good to write all the characteristics of that house instead of including the address of that specific house -you could be limiting the potential of getting the house that suits you best.

-Write your purpose next to your goal. Every dream or goal has a purpose. Why do you want it? What is important for you to achieve with it? How does it make you feel? Writing the purpose of your goal/dream helps you to maintain your focus on your goal.

-Evaluate your goal. How much do you believe in achieving it? Evaluate your dream or goal from 1-10. Be honest. If you believe more than a seven, go for it. If you believe less than a seven, maybe you need to reconsider your goal or break it up into smaller goals.

-Break up a BIG goal/dream into smaller ones. It would be easier to accomplish a smaller goal before a big one. When you achieve small goals, it will help you believe in yourself, and motivate you to accomplish bigger goals.

-Have a burning desire. Wake up being grateful for getting your dream/goal; Take a shower thinking about the accomplishment; drive feeling excited about your dream/goal; Talk about your dream/goal every day. Repeat or sing your positive affirmations about your dream/goal while exercising; go to bed dreaming about getting your dream/goal. Breathe your dreams!

-Align your beliefs with your desires/goals/dreams. Go deep into your thoughts and feelings. What are your beliefs about getting/having what you want? Do they match your desires? Who inspired your dream/goal when you were a kid or a teenager? When you talk about your dream, what do people say? If you find that your beliefs don’t match your desires, clear them away and reprogram your mind with new ones that are aligned with your desires/goals/dreams.

-Support your desire with your imagination. Imagine getting and having what you want. How does it make you feel? Use all of your senses and get into your dream scenario with as much detail as possible. Visualize having what you want. Create your own reality and be happy. . . because you already have what you want.

-Fill your life with positive energy. How do you feel right now? If you are not feeling good, do something right now to feel better. If you don’t feel good you are sending the wrong energy to the Universe, you are not aligned with your desire.

-Focus on what you want. Don’t focus on how you will get what you want, but on what you want, and let the Universe offer all the possibilities of getting what you want.

-Take emotional Action(inspired Action). Be open and allow yourself to see and receive all the possibilities from the Universe. Allow the universe to guide you and bring you whatever you need to fulfill your goals and dreams. Follow your heart and gut, and let your (positive) emotions lead you to what you need to do to get what you want.

-Commit yourself to accomplish your goals. Being committed means doing whatever you need to accomplish your goals and be successful, that includes facing and overcoming your fears. Go out of your comfort zone every day!

-Do three to five things every day to accomplish your goal. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are, just do them, no matter what. Don’t go to bed before you finish the last thing you set out for that day.

-Track your progress and re-adjust to the right way. It is important that you evaluate your progress, be honest with yourself. See the results you are getting and be sure that you are doing the right things to get what you want.

Last but not least, don’t sabotage yourself. Sabotage is not you working against yourself, it is you trying to keep yourself safe depending on your subconscious beliefs. If you look for excuses, you will find them everywhere. Remember, whatever you focus on you will get! Believe you deserve only good things and you can create whatever you want. Start creating the life you deserve.


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