Accountable equals powerful

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How much of your life do you hold yourself accountable for? Consider your level of responsibility for the results in your life, on a percentage basis. Is the answer 25%? 50%? 75%? Now ask yourself this, why not a 100%? If your not in charge, responsible, held accountable for each and every circumstance and result in your life, then who is? The moment we turn over control, responsibility for our life to another person, event or circumstance, we dis-empower ourselves.

The degree to which we hold ourselves accountable for each aspect of our lives, directly determines our level of empowerment.

Accountability is the foundation of an empowered mindset
The core success skill that all high achievers master is the ability to consistently create specific, determined results. This is the ability to be proactive creators of their future, rather than passive reactionaries. Choosing to be accountable for every aspect of our lives, completely and without reserve, is a significant step towards becoming a master creator of the future. Firmly seated in the mindset of accountability, we realize our potential as designers of our lives.

Working positively with outside forces
Other people, outside events, and even the weather all play a role in our life. Summed up as “outside forces”, this is the World outside of our own mind and body. And these outside forces are all the things that people often hold responsible for their shortfalls, challenges and tragedies. To gain extraordinary results we must take an extraordinary view of our relationship with outside forces. We must not give them the power to sway us from our goals, or to move us away from our chosen direction. While we cannot directly control outside forces, we can influence them by being in clear control of ourselves.

Through our thoughts, words and actions, our intentions can become an undeniable force and our chosen results can be achieved.

We are the origin in our personal creative cycle

When we are aware that are every thought, word and action is a creation we begin to see how results manifest. We are a creation, and we are also creators, and all that we produce manifests in the World. Our intentions are the origin point, the causation in our personal cause and effect cycle. And so we are 100% responsible for our effects, or results.  

This process of Creation can be defined as the following steps:

  • Intention: a direction is conceived in our mind
  • Thought: a direction is expanded into an idea, then turned into a plan
  • Action: steps are taken to implement our plan
  • Results: our plan works, or fails and results positive or negative manifest
  • Reflection: we examine and understand our results and form new intentions

Keys to applying the accountability principle

To apply the principle of accountability to your life effectively keep the following points in mind:

~ We are empowered to improve any circumstance that we choose to be accountable for
~ We can change our results by changing our intentions, thoughts and actions

I am accountable affirmation
“I choose to be accountable for every result, every circumstance, every event in my life now in the present, in the past and future.”


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