How To Convert Video To Dvd For Mac Mts/m2Ts (The Lion)?

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How to convert videos to DVD on Mac MTS/M2TS (Lion included)?

A file is a file type MTS/M2TS Sony high definition video, which is AVCHD videos recorded using Sony’s camcorders gross, such as Sony HDR-CX100 Sony DCR-SR47.Now HD camcorders like the Canon VIXIA HF200, Canon FS200, Canon VIXIA HG21 VIXIA HFS100 Canon, Panasonic HDC-HS300, HDC-HS20 Panasonic, JVC GZ-HD40, GZ-HD10 JVC and other brands of AVCHD camcorders also record format MTS/M2TS.

So how MTS/M2TS files to enjoy comfortable and likely to be affected by many Mac users

Now, DVD Creator for Mac is the only writer MTS/M2TS for all Mac users (including Snow Leopard, Lion). And ‘possible to burn a DVD M2TS videos from your camera as you want. Let’s look at how to convert video to DVD for Mac MTS/M2TS for you.

Download the Intel version of the

MTS/M2TS video release to DVD Converter for Mac

Click “Add” to add the video MTS/M2TS M2TS to DVD on Mac programs.

Edit video before burning to DVD.

Now you can choose some models of DVD free and enjoyable as the application is available for you to decorate your video files. A mark of their own leaders, who are able to crop the video to get rid of black residents, crop video to remove unwanted parts and rotate the video at a different angle. To customize your videos, you can add your custom text or image watermark. Lucky numbers are very good. Aha, change and adjust video effects are also possible.

Click “Preview” to preview the edited video files.

“Oh, my God! It seems that I forgot to remove the part that I like.” Do not worry about that! You can watch the video and repetition. Trial and error is how you do everything. He shot MTS/M2TS videos, convert MTS/M2TS on DVD. The DVD is quite successful its full of style.

This is the last step, if all is well. Click “Start” to start recording your DVD video to MTS/M2TS. Then you can enjoy your movie at home with your DVD player or on the outside with your portable DVD player.

Download Free MTS/M2TS to DVD Converter for Mac


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