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#TweepleTuesday was started by Sarah on twitter known as the Maverickmom , who is a well trained southern hostess 🙂

The difference between #follow friday and #tweepletuesday is that two or more people are introduced to each other by the poster.

For example “@Sumeetchawla, please meet @Cheth. You are both great webdesigners and you are super funny, so you should know each other.”

Poster’s job is to introduce two people, tell them why exactly they should connect and then step out of the conversation. 

Instead of spam following, this way two followers with similar interest can follow each other.

Not forget to mention the virtual food and drinks offered during the #tweeple networking 🙂 

No alcohol for me but yes, ingredients for smoothies and mocktails are always ready in my fridge 😉

The purpose of other days like #WickedMonday and #SuperWednesday is to have general fun while tweeting, by calling their followers wilth different Super Villians  and Heroes names. 

While #TweepleTuesday is to connect two people with similar skills or interest.

A very slow approach in my idea to get followers but a good one indeed. 🙂

So, If you want to play, start introducing people and hastag it with #tweepletuesday. And if you are introduced to someone, engage in converstation with them.

Hope to see all of you there and not to forget the other Twitter Days, keeping in mInd that #Followfriday is universal.



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