How To Detect If Your Child Is Autistic

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It is probably a nightmare for a parent to have an autistic child. Not because of the stigma associated for having an autistic child but mainly because of the parents’ concern for their future.

A child diagnosed with autism can be helped by a variety of behavior-modification treatments. Medication may also be prescribed if there is a need to control the behavior of the autistic child especially if he will inflict injury to other people or to himself.

Cause of autism is unknown but it can affect 1 out of 500 children. Boys are more prone to autism than girls. No known vaccine or any kind of drugs can prevent autism. Heredity according to experts plays a role in this condition. Family with a history of autism has a 5 to 10 percent chance that another child will also develop this condition.

To detect whether you child is autistic; please refer to the symptoms below:

  1. If your child do not respond when you call his or her name
  2. If your child cannot express, tell, or even describe what he wants
  3. If there is difficulty in speaking or there is a delay in his or her language
  4. If your child has poor eye contact
  5. If your child do not smile socially
  6. If your child appears to have a hearing difficulty
  7. If he doesn’t play his toys due to lack of interest or do not know how to play with it
  8. If your child has difficulty following directions/instructions
  9. If your child acts as if he or she has his or her own world


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If your child possesses more than half of the list mentioned above, it is best that you immediately consult a specialist.

Autism is a developmental disability and is usually seen on children before the age of three (3). It is a product of a disruption in the development of the brain before the birth of the child. And sadly, this condition is irreversible.


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