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Thailand is a country applying democratic monarchy. King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the elderly are not only respected, but also greatly loved by his people. Like other Asian countries, Thailand is rich in natural scenery, cultural, and traditional cuisine. Its history has also left many rich cultural and historical sites worth visiting.

For me, in particular, Bangkok is one of the culinary center of the world’s most sexy. For others, Bangkok is a shopping paradise cheap. And for a small group, just maybe, is a sexy place plesiran. Thai women’s beauty is not in doubt.

(Special note: tourists always been a target of people who intend to take advantage. Bangkok is no exception. Be careful when dealing with taxi drivers or Tuktuk. They are often set high tariffs and take the route further. If you want to go to a particular restaurant, they often say that the restaurant was closed and invite you to another restaurant with exorbitant prices).


Suvarnabhumi International Airport is a modern and luxurious a new pride of Thailand. Airport on the outskirts of Bangkok is the main entrance to Thailand. Buses from various neighboring countries – Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar – also linking Thailand with a variety of other tourist destinations.

Bangkok was once known as the city with the worst traffic jams are now successful enough to overcome the main problem. Public transport is the preferred tourist Sky train (BTS) with a friendly maps. Taxis and Tuktuk (bemo decorated vehicles such as Nudity) were very many in number. Actually, if we are not fooled, taxi fares and Tuktuk reasonably priced.


As a fellow citizen of ASEAN, we do not require visas for short visits of up to 14 days. They are going to work or study in Thailand need a visa in Thailand embassy in Jakarta.

Currency, Credit Cards and Banking Facilities

Thailand is the baht currency. Currently, Baht a value of about USD 30. Foreign currencies can be exchanged at various places. Indonesian paper currency can be exchanged at some specific money changers. Most local bank ATMs can accept ATM cards from Indonesia’s leading banks. Credit cards are acceptable to small traders.


As an important tourist destination, Bangkok has so many hotels, scattered in various districts. The selection should be based on the destination hotel we visit. Is quite cheap hotel rates in Bangkok. At the price level of U.S. $ 100 only have we can get overnight at room four-star hotel. Some three-star hotel can be obtained even with costs below U.S. $ 50.

Hotels of international franchise many found here, such as Four Seasons, Shangri-La, Sofitel, Novotel, Sheraton, and others. There are also some boutique hotel which use beautiful old buildings.


Chao Phraya, the river that divides Bangkok, is perhaps the main attraction of this city. With a water taxi or water bus up and down the river berlalulintas this solid, we can go anywhere to achieve goals important tourism Bangkok.

Grand Palace, for example, also located on the banks of the Chao Phraya. If you want to visit here, be sure not to wear shorts and a proper dress. Sleeveless shirts are also prohibited. This is the “home” the King, so that the security protocols and rules are strictly enforced here. Grand Palace is one of the destinations that should not be missed in Bangkok.

Next to the Grand Palace there is a Buddhist temple called Wat Phra Kaew. In this temple there are statues of Buddha made of emerald (a kind of dark olive green jade).

A short walk, we can also reach Wat Po with a statue of Buddha stretched out (Reclining Buddha) of gold the biggest in the world. In addition to visiting the beautiful temples and statues, many tourists who come here to feel the pleasure of a massage at a massage school in the courtyard of this temple. Hence the well-known massage technique called Temple Massage.

Back across the Chao Phraya River, in the direction opposite the Grand Palace there is a another temple, Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn). Pagodanya tall, with a very beautiful carvings ceramics. Because the majority of Buddhists, Bangkok does not lack Buddhist temples to visit.

Bangkok National Museum also has a pretty good. Lumpini Park in downtown is also a great destination if you want to enjoy the freshness of the green after a weary walk. Some places also hold attractions of Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) on ​​Saturday night.

Beware if there is a buoyant market offers attractions (floating market) on the outskirts of the Chao Phraya. Actually, already eliminated from the floating markets of Bangkok. At best, you will be invited to tour the river and “reunited” with 3-5 other boats are selling postcards, souvenirs, or a cold beer.

Of course, Bangkok is a shopping paradise. Apparel, garments, and accessories sold everywhere at a low price. Likewise souvenir products and souvenirs. First, in downtown Bangkok’s Suan Lum Night Market is very popular. Unfortunately, now Suan Lum has been evicted. Night market was scattered around Patpong.

Shopping tourist destination on the weekends is the Chatuchak Weekend Market, a bit far from downtown. Do not miss Orthokor Market opposite if you want to hunt durian and a variety of traditional Thai food. Another popular shopping place is the Paragon Complex with a comfortable modern malls. Inside there are various foodcourts Paragon also interesting.

Some districts of Bangkok – Patpong, among others in the city center – an area famous for its evening entertainment. Here found that hundreds of bars and cafes become hangout that offers women a moment of excitement. Make no mistake, too many male prostitutes operate here.

Some destinations outside the city which is not too far from Bangkok include: Ayutthaya, Damnoen Saduak floating market, Pattaya, Hua Hin. Ayutthaya is the old town has many heritage buildings. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is a popular tourist attraction as visitors can see people’s lives in the village and eating-drinking-shop in the boat. Pattaya and Hua Hin is a beautiful beach which is visited.

Bangkok is also very good at times visited the festival of the people, for example, about the show Loy Krathong (remove the wax into the river, in November) or Songkran (water festival, New Year, in April).


As I have said above, Bangkok is a culinary paradise. The price was very cheap. Foods that are sold on the streets are very diverse and very affordable price.

Basically, Thai cuisine is divided into North and South. In the North, the cuisine is heavily influenced by Chinese cuisine, Laos, and even India – most of the cooking is very spicy. While in the South, much influenced by the culinary Muslims, usually wearing capitalist seasoning (like paste).

Apart from rice, most of Thai cuisine is served with sticky rice. For example, som tam (papaya salad) and yamma Muang (mango salad younger) who are always served with a spicy steamed sticky rice because it is a nice spicy flavor absorbers. In the South, plural also eat steamed sticky rice with durian and mango sweet side dish.

Kari (gaeng) also includes popular dishes in Thailand. There is a red curry, green curry, and curry yellow – depending on the flavor and color gravy. Because many of which are Buddhists, many of them vegetarian curry in Thailand. Normally, Thai curry is very thick. the coconut milk cooked until the break and separate the oil from coconut milk.

For Muslims, it is necessary prudence to order Thai food. Although chicken dishes, many cooked with a mixture of pork or pork oil. In Bangkok, there is a Muslim region with several kosher restaurants that should be noted, for example: Meena in Bang Kapi, Karima in Bang Rak. The restaurants around the Arab and Indian Nana are also other options to get Halal food.

The regions surrounding the target market is right when you hunt culinary. Various types of food / snacks can be found delicious and cheap. Those who rush to buy a piece of grilled meat that is cut into pieces and eaten with steamed sticky rice while walking. Various types of noodle soup are also often found in roadside stalls.

Somboon Seafood is the franchise’s most popular seafood in Bangkok – especially for tourists. Actually, more like Somboon seafood restaurants in Hong Kong with the concept of fish market. Guests come to choose fish / squid / shrimp / crab / shellfish on-display at the front, and ordered the desired type of cuisine. Somboon has five branches in Bangkok and the price is quite affordable. Seafood Market is also a famous seafood restaurant in Bangkok. Be alert to counterfeit them, namely the restaurant with the names  similarly

You are a fan of pad thai – a kind of fried kuetiauw? This cuisine is available everywhere. However, if you want the most famous, his place in Mahachai Road, with shops named Thip Samai. Only open from dusk until dawn. TIME magazine had already been covered here.

Do not miss the opportunity to learn to cook. Some hotels, also along the main tourist area, many of which offer a short course Thai cuisine. Within 3 hours, we have to learn to cook Thai cuisine type 3-5. On average this kind of cooking class is offered at an affordable cost.

If you want Thai food is served in fine dining, some restaurants I can recommend include: Baan Khanitha (have 3 outlets, the most luxurious in Sathorn – cum gallery), Patara in Sukhumvit, Silom Le Siam in, or the Blue Elephant in Sathorn . There is also the Manohra Song, dinner cruise on a traditional rice barge that has been restored into a luxury boat, while sailing the Chao Phraya. When you’ve got about 3 hours, this is a unique experience.

Telecommunications and Internet

There are many providers in Thailand that provide cellular phone services, among others: AIS, DTAC, True. SIM cards for mobile phones can be purchased at 7-Eleven, Family Mart, and various mini which are often found in the antero Bangkok. At Suvarnabhumi airport arrival area there are also stores that sell SIM cards. For topping up (adding pulses) can also be performed in the same outlets.

For data communications, you should immediately come to the booth providers. Cheap Internet cafes and free WiFi is also available in many places.


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