Limit The Bandwidth Without Software

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Sharing an Internet connection or Internet connection sharing is commonly done today. But sharing the Internet connection among multiple computers clearly reduces the bandwidth that we receive from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), if multiple users to simultaneously access the Internet. In addition, if a user downloads of large files. Suppose a feature film of two hours, the amount of about 1 GB. Imagine if one of our Internet connection to the PC 10 and all PC users are currently downloading the file size of 1 GB can slow down our internet connection. For this, I think if you limit the bandwidth of Internet connection required on any computer.

Limit the bandwidth of Internet connections, usually using a software management bandwidth, which can be free, and worth quite expensive. But there is a way to limit the bandwidth of your connection to the Internet without a PC, software, local area network (LAN) to us. The measures that we use almost the same speed Internet connection I’ve ever written before. However, it is a small difference. Here are the steps:

-Click Start “” Run and type “gpedit.msc” (without quotes) and press Enter.

-In the left pane, select Computer Configuration “” Administrative Templates “” Network “” QoS Packet Scheduler.

-Then in the right pane, double-click on the bandwidth limit to book

-The bandwidth limit window to book and check Enable bandwidth limit set at 50% or the value you want. The higher the value you specify, the less bandwidth, which can be used that computer.

-Once you find the right settings, click OK and close the Group Policy window.

To restart the influential parameters. So, try a test connection speed internet on this computer. If you still think fast or too slow to change settings, follow these steps before. Then change the value of the bandwidth limit to be more or less depending on the speed you want. After setting you consider useful. Then set the other computers on the network with the same settings or different settings on the bandwidth limit. Of course, with the same steps as above setting.

One way to limit the bandwidth Internet connection without the use of software. It is less effective as it should be set one by one computer, especially on large networks. But in the small network that consists of only 50-10 computers, I do not think it’s pretty heavy. Not bad for commercial software to save money. Good luck!


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