Urine:A New Source of Fertilizer

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50 years from now, one of the key component in agricultural fertilizers will be gone. This component is Phosphorus. Without this component our agricultural supplies like rice, vegetables, corn, wheat, and all kinds of fruits will suffer from shortage, this is according to the study made by Cynthia Mitchell a professor of the Institute of Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology in Sydney. According to the study, the most concentrated source of phosphorus is our urine. However, our urine is being diluted through our sewerage and being thrown-out in to the ocean.


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This shortage is really serious. A lack of phosphorus can affect the future quality of our soil and its production. According to Mitchell, in the industrialized world we must start moving to a resource-recovery approach rather than the current waste-treatment approach.

Right now, this shortage is not really being felt and society has not yet realized the severity of this issue. But when this day will come, you will not be surprise if someone will knock on your door and offer to buy your urine.


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