When Man’s Way Comes To An End

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I want to tell you the good news! At the end of man’s way is really the beginning of God’s way. Really, believe me…I really do not know what you are going through; maybe you are on the verge of declaring a bankrupt, maybe your husband/wife is walking out of your life, maybe there is no answer for your rebellious child, maybe you have lost of job, maybe your health is deteriorating, maybe you are facing endless string of problems, maybe you are having nervous breakdown and maybe you are thinking of ending your life…

Whatever your circumstances, I want to tell you the good news, at the end of man’s way is really the beginning of God’s way. I know you are feeling hopeless and long wanted to give up but there is still God’s way!

John 2:1-11 recorded the very first miracle that Jesus performed. Jesus was attending a wedding at Cana of Galilee. Half way through the wedding the wine ran dry, the guests have nothing to drink and it was very bad for such thing to happen!

Jesus’ mother, Mary was there and she told Jesus about the incident and Jesus asked that the six stone water jar to be filled with water and miracle happened! The water turned into wine. And for your info, it was world class wine, it was better than the earlier one.

This story may sounds simple and you may think it has got no help to my current situation at all but wait a minute, don’t jump into conclusion too fast. Your problem may not be of a similar nature (wedding) but the principle can be used in any given situation.

It was such an embarrassment not to provide sufficient wine in a wedding. Perhaps they tried many ways to source for wine but to no avail. Looking at the situation, Mary turned to Jesus. Similarly you may have tried many different ways to salvage your situation, you may think until your hairs grow white, you may look for many people but nothing helps!

Did you noticed something in that passage? There were six stone jars. The six stone jars were empty. In the bible, six represents the number of man. When the ways of man come to an end, God’s way kicks in!

Like Mary, I would suggest you to turn to Jesus. Hand your situation to Him. Tell Him about your problem. Rely on Jesus. Anyway you have tried many other ways and nothing works. When man’s way comes to an end, turn to Jesus! Do not worry about the solution; let God take care of it. Our part is only to trust in Him.

When you turn your situation to Jesus, believe me He in turn will change water into wine. How? I do not know! Actually it’s not for us to worry; just let God does the job. Have faith in Him. He specializes in miracle. He is able to do the impossible. He will turn your situation upside down.

Noticed that the water that Jesus changed into wine is of world class choice wine. That was what the guest commended. This is the promise. What is it? World class choice wine….What does it mean? Your terrible bad situation will turn around; it will become better and better…world class choice wine!

When you turn to Jesus, not only your situation changes, blessings will follow. Yes, blessings! Do you believe it? It’s your choice. When you have exhausted all your ways, it’s time to turn to God.


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