All Aboutmetronidazole And Its Side Effects

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Metonidazole is an antibiotic medication which is especially used for protozoan or anaerobic bacterial infections. Other than this, it is used for treatment of several infections that includes anaerobic bacteria,treatment of bacterial vaginosis,trichomoniasis,intestinal amoeba infections, pelvic inflammatory disease,giardiasis to name a few. It is used in the form of gel for treatment of certain dermatological complications and it is not recommended to be used for treatment of vaginal yeast infection.It is available in the form of pills,facial gel and cream,vaginal gel and as rectal suppositories. Though it is a very effective medicine, its side effects cannot be overlooked.
Metronidazole causes cancer in rats and mice.Though, patients can bear Metronidazole but this medicine leaves a metallic taste in mouth which one has to withstand in order to complete the full course of the medication.The gastrointestinal side effectsinclude vomiting,nausea,diarrhea and dyspepsia but these effects are quite uncommon.Some of the frequent Metronidazole side effects are headache,rash,itching,giddiness,yeast infections,furry tongue and joint pains.At times,it can cause severe skin reaction,fever,sore throat,burning in your eyes,skin pain,swelling on the face or tongue, followed by skin rashes which may spread and cause blistering or peeling of the skin.An allergic reaction may occur if taken with alcohol,so it is advisable to avoid alcohol if you have been prescribed Metronidazole by your physician.
Some of the Metronidazole Side Effects can be life threatening as well.These comprise aseptic meningitis which is a non-infectious inflammation of the lining of the central nervous system,seizures,low count of the white blood cells, and allergic reactions such as toxic epidermal necrolyises and Steven’s Johnson Syndrome .There are many unusual side effects of Metronidazole as well, due to which some patients complain of the metallic taste which remain in their mouth but lessened if the medication is taken with juice.Ocassinaly,there might be the Antabuse like effect leading to sweating,flushing,hypertension and life threatening reaction if taken with small amounts of alcohol even by mistake.
It is not advised to use Metronidazole with busulfan,live BCG vaccine,disulifarm(Antabuse),and few of the HIV drugs such as tipranavir,ritonavir and lopinavir.One should always tell their physician about any other medication in case he/she is prescribed except Metronidazole.Besides,it should be avoided with diazoxide,ethanol,warfarin and other uncommon medications.In order to avoid the overlapping effect of two drugs, one should always check out the information provided by the prescriber. There are also many complementary and alternative therapy products which can be taken without a prescription.
For more details, one should always consult the physician in order to avoid any complications in the end. Mothers should avoid its use in the first trimester, especially during the lactation period if there are better alternative in lieu of Metronidazole.Metronidazole is used for treatment of various parasitic and bacterial infections.


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