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Yoga, a word that had sprung from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means union, is an ancient form of meditation, as a practical it unites with the universal spirit. It is thought that originated in India more than 26,000 years ago, people have been involved in this exercise physical and mental benefits. There are currently over 11 million people practicing yoga today.

The benefits of yoga are unthinkable. Not only tighten and tone your body, balances the activity of opposing muscle groups as well. Some specific advantages offered by the physical yoga include increased cardiovascular efficiency, a higher energy level and an increase in immunity. It also helps in the normalization of gastrointestinal and endocrine functions. Many people turn to yoga to control and stabilize their weight as well. Yoga also stimulates and calms your mind through a series of movements and breathing exercises. Some of the mental benefits of these exercises include increased social skills, self-actualization and self-acceptance. Many turn to yoga to help them look inward to find the true value of a car. As a result of anxiety, depression and hostility are often found to decrease the most. This in turn helps people to adjust the frame of social situations more easily, then it might have had before your yoga practice.

Mental and physical benefits of yoga can be the most potent, however, there are also biochemical effects that believers would play in the planning and stretching. For those who have an ongoing battle with cholesterol levels, yoga helps to increase HDL levels and decrease LDL levels. The levels of glucose and sodium is often decreased and is much easier to handle. If practiced regularly, often there is an increase in hemoglobin and lymphocyte counts, along with a decrease in total white blood cell count.

Benefits of yoga, even beyond the realm of reality. Spiritually, people begin to feel more at one with the universe and its surroundings. This helps them focus on their own soul and inner awareness. Many may say that this connection is the greatest achievement of the practice of yoga. To feel the spiritual connection last, many trips and they will retreat if for a week or a month to places of spiritual yoga. These retreats include places like Bali, California, Mexico and Hawaii. The recurring theme in each of these places is the sense of tranquility and calm. In general, the environment of these retreats is very natural and earthy. The most sacred is yoga retreats are excursions in India, where yoga originated. There, people not only become one with the art of yoga itself, but also are able to focus and feel the roots of their origin.

In general, yoga is full of health benefits that can be easily observed by the athlete early in his routine. Mentally, physically and spiritually, yoga will give you a boost in the day to day, increasing human resources are, in general. If this sounds like an attractive effect for you, yoga can be an effort worth exploring.


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