What is Dod Directive 5000.1 And What is Its Effect

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DOD 5000 post acquisition integration is the process through which two or more organizations join together to form a single entity by sharing the resources as well as people. Links can be found in the DoD directive 5000.1. The organizational structure will go haywire as a result. Look at DOD 5000 for references.

Sometimes, the question comes if firms, including the DoD must implement such changes slowly. Employees are given several consideration in DoD 5000.1 as sudden changes in the work can be too much for them. This is the reason why change should be introduced at a very slow place and that too in increments as there is a lot of time for adaptation before a new administration comes. Transition speed is very important while integration and a lot of top people do no realize this. The main concerned must be focused on ways to finish the merger in lesser time.
When there is haziness about the future and doubts are present, it never does well for the firm as work efficiency decreases and people levy you.

Any human has the ability to more or less adapt to a given situation. As long as people are given a solid foundation and a clear vision to adapt to, people adjust remarkably well. Often people tend to think only about there careers and how they would want to have the their careers after the integration was over. Acquisitions usually end up being unsuccessful as there is a good strategy in place but the implementation is horrible. If such a situation occurs then the company might have to suffer many losses and the damage carried out may be permanent. That is why it is a good idea to have the consulting report for DoD directive 5000.1.
If you want a smooth and safe transition you must follow 5 steps.

First, a good way to make sure success begins in planning early. It is also very important for you to try and consider the consequences of your actions so that you can remain alert for what might happen. If the deal has been confirmed then you should be prepared abut the possibilities. Second step is also an important part which involves selection of your leaders. The top tier of management will go though some rapid changes that is why people at the top must be ready to make tough decisions which can produce desirable outcomes. Third, get to know the insider’s view and flow of information.

Researchers are always in demand by these companies so that they can provide such information. Fourth is constructing effective communication strategies. So, all the new members of the company must be made conscious about the changes and their views must also be considered. Lastly, adequate resources which may include financial and staff are also important. If carried out correctly these steps can cause success of the merger. If you want to know more look up DoD 5000.1.


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