Online Book Sales Are Now a Global Trend

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In the United States, there has been mounting attention given to the changing landscape of book selling, after Borders, one of the most popular book store chains in the country has announced that it will be ceasing all operations. However, the trend of book stores closing down and online book sales increasing in popularity is not something that is unique in the American market. Indeed, according to a recent report form Today Online, this trend has been also observed in Singapore and other Asian countries as well.

Book sellers are increasingly moving online in many markets around the world. Many writers, especially independent authors who write Romance Novelsor other fiction books, are increasingly turning their attention to online self publishing as well.

There are many people who are puzzled as to what is causing this recent trend to become worldwide. However, once we examine the data behind it, then it all becomes very clear. One of the main reasons as to why a greater number of books are being purchased online is simply because technology is becoming more and more accessible in all countries of the world. Not too long ago, owning a computer or an internet enabled mobile device was a privilege reserved for the wealthy in many countries. However, now that technology has become a lot cheaper and more accessible to all, the use of the internet has been steadily growing in all markets. This is especially true in the Asian market, where many computing devices can be purchased very cheaply. While an Apple iPad may cost several hundred dollars, there are Chinese imitation tablet PC’s that have similar functionality which can be purchased for just over $150. This has the effect of lowering the “barrier to entry” for people who would like to get on the internet.

Another reason for this trend is that the internet makes many kinds of books a lot more accessible, especially if they are available in digital format. In many countries, because of societal taboos, it would be hard to find erotic books, for example. However, with the rise in popularity of electronic book publishing, these can be purchased by readers around the world as they are easily distributed in electronic format on major book selling sites such as Amazon, as well as smaller, independent websites that sell eBooks. When it comes to eBooks, censorship thus becomes a lot more difficult.

Many experts agree that the global trend towards the use of the internet will have profound impacts all around the world and not just in developed countries. Now that many countries are seeing their economies improve steadily and the internet is becoming a lot more accessible among their population, online book sellers are starting to see that they are now getting customers from all around the world and not just from Western countries.

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