Amazon Kindle Becoming Best Seller Around The World But Some Book Stores Not Too Concerned

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The Amazon Kindle is a device that has said to have revolutionized the eBook market. Indeed, combined with Amazon’s electronic Kindle Store, people can purchase electronic copies of romance books online, mystery books, thrillers, as well as a host of non fiction books like business guides and science books. Furthermore, the latest versions of the device contain a basic web browser, allowing people to get updates on topics such as news and weather, as well as consult popular reference sites such as Wikipedia.

Even though it has been very popular in the United States, where the first edition of the Amazon Kindle has sold out within hours of the original release, it is also popular in other countries of the world, such as in New Zealand. According to Stuff New Zealand, a popular news portal in that country, there has been some 2000 Kindle devices sold in the past two weeks, and 4000 more are expected to arrive soon in the country.

One of the reasons behind this popularity is that a local electronics retailer has been given a contract to distribute the device in the country. While there is some concern about how the rise in popularity of the Kindle Reader and eBooks in general will affect book sellers in New Zealand, not all book stores are viewing the device as something negative.

According to Lincoln Gould, CEO of Booksellers New Zealand, the device may bring some changes to the market, but it will not completely eliminate physical book sales anytime soon. He went on to state that physical book stores have the advantage of giving more personal advice and service than any online shop could do.

While book sales of fiction material such as Romance Booksare going strong in electronic format, there are still certain kinds of books that are selling quite well in physical book stores. Books that contain plenty of color photos and artwork are still selling quite well, mainly due to the fact that limitations in current e-ink display technology, which is used in e-reader devices such as the Kindle, only allow the display of black and white graphics.

But even as the sales of romance novelsand other fiction books are going strong online, many people connected to the industry believe that it will be possible for local book sellers to stay competitive for the time being. Some are suggesting that book sellers have an interest in building up their websites and making use of the latest e-commerce technologies to sell books online. Furthermore, if a book seller has become very popular in a certain local community, even if they make the move online, they would still have a chance of competing with giants such as Amazon, due to the fact that people like to do business with local companies who they have known to trust over the years.

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