Three Top Distinctive Characteristics of People

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In life, we may have come across different types of people, but rarely do we take a moment and understand what type of a person are we or that friend of yours. Inorder to succees in life, I believe it is important for a self evaluation, our capability are usually hidden within us and unless we are ready do discover who we are; we may never reach those goal or fullfill our dreams of becoming that person that you have always wanted. Sometimes, reaching a certain goal seems impossible but what you really matters is the determination, patient, knowing your capabilities, limitations and willingliness to work towards achieving that goal.

In this world, we have different classes of people but I believe they are three main groups of people;

1. Undertakers;
2. Caretakers;
3. Risktakers;

The undertakers.  These are people who like leaping the fruits of the others, the suppressors who are always using others for their own gains. With no mercy, those who can do anything for their own benefit, the most greedy of all.

The caretakers on the other hand, are the story tellers, they may be true sometimes but in most cases find themselves telling lies inorder to survive. They are gifted in convincing others, and in most cases always are the winners of a debate or talk. They like working under the influence of others. They are afraid to take risk and in most cases they don’t initiate anything own their own.

The riskstakers are the people who makes things happen. Those are type of people who are not afraid to go an extra mile to achieve their goals. They are almost very good in whatever they start and are mostly successful in life. They are mostly hardworking people and are not afraid of looking for new ways to success. The are successful business men and women outside there. They are the envy of many.

If we would understand and accept who really we are, then we would have a choice of either sticking to the same or working towards becoming the other person. This can help us achieve those goal that we would wish to achieve in life.


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