Building Fine And Gross Motor Skills Through Education

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Fine motor skills are a smaller set of skills, such as hand writing or buttoning one’s shirt, which use a smaller set of muscles and are related to hand eye coordination. Gross motor skills on the other hand, are larger skill sets such as running, or dribbling a basketball, which use large muscle groups and are related to body coordination as a whole.

Science: In order to help build motor skills through science the teacher could have students create the formation of a caterpillar or a variety of other insects or animals. The students could line up in small groups to create a straight line and then have them move to the right and to the left to mimic the movement of a caterpillar. Then the students could draw the movement of the caterpillar, which would help them develop fine motor skills, while mixing science with art to expand their learning.

Math: To build motor skills the teacher could have students use lego blocks to build towers of any number, which would help students build fine motor skills. They could create straight towers or be given more blocks than they need and told to use only say 10 to make any creation, and then make something with the blocks using a different number. This would allow them to be creative and build what they like, while learning to piece the different lego pieces together, and learning how to count.

Most teachers know about the importance of understanding the various ways that children learn and creating lessons that allow all learners to get the most of them, but what is often overlooked is considering the development of motor skills and the importance of incorporating them into lessons on a conscious level. There are so many learning disorders that people are aware of but it’s interesting to note that there are coordination disorders that children can have, and which teacher’s should understand in order to better help their students improve their fine and gross motor skills. The more informed we become as a society the better able we will be to help children succeed academically and in life.


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