Bali One Door Policy

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Jakarta, Kompas – The development of tourism in Bali is recognized to change society by spiritual culture becomes materialistic society, and physical and cultural changes have altered the ecology. Therefore, the Bali Provincial Government will restore the one-door policy in the development of tourism, following a joint agreement kabupaten / city.

Head of the Bali Provincial Cultural Office, Ida Bagus Sedhawa in Denpasar, on Tuesday (31 / 3), said the provincial government of Bali was to evaluate and restructure the spatial plan and regional (Spatial) island of Bali for the next 20 years with a target of 2009 be ratified DPRD Bali . Spatial plans and these areas are expected to be able to control and reconfigure development by mapping the area and has a clear legal umbrella.

According Sedhawa, Balinese culture is optimistic his side can return within 20 years through the issuance of Spatial. We are working hard to restore the cultural tourism with tourism-based agrarian populist. At least there is an effort now to restore public confidence back to the spiritual norms, including the agrarian-based, he said.

Chairman of the Bali Provincial Development Planning Nengah Suarca said, the scope RTRW being resolved was not just overcome the distorted-marutnya because of the rapid development of tourism. Spatial Formulation for 20 years it also includes the mapping of the area where it is allowed to change because investment or other.

In the 1970s, tourism development is only allowed in areas teben or downstream, such as the (now) the area of ​​Nusa Dua and Sanur. Development is not allowed in the pit of the stomach or upper region, including Mount Agung which is considered a sacred area. However, in its development, tourism investment penetrated everywhere. Construction of five-star hotel rife in some areas and did not care anymore and teben the pit area.

District caution

Obtained information, a number of regents in Bali said it has tried hard to ensure that tourism development in their areas and equipment in accordance with the concept of Tri Hita Karana or harmony between man, nature and the Creator. For that, they were cautious about accepting investor type or location of tourism related development of tourism facilities.

We so far do not play games to develop tourism in our area. Remained essentially cultural and religious tourism. If it is gone, what will we sell, the Regent said when contacted Geredeg Wayan Ubud from Denpasar.

He reveals, Karangasem set three territories for tourism development in accordance with the topography of each. The third region is the Padang Bai and Candi Dasa for the development of coastal tourism, Taman Ujung for spiritual tourism, and Tulamben for underwater tourism. Karangasem middle of building a harbor tour boat first, and largest in Bali, Padang Bai in the surrounding area. The port will not eat green areas.

Separately, Buleleng Regent Putu Bagiada stated its commitment to develop tourism in harmony with the preservation of forests, in addition to the development of coastal tourism in Lovina Beach. Construction of eight hotels and resorts in Bali Barat National Park area, for example, is also required in line with the region’s conservation efforts.

Cultural Sumarta depicts Balinese Ketut require a joint commitment to encourage tourism development that are familiar and fused with the traditions customs.

Tourism should not be a scapegoat for problems that befell indigenous traditions. Lodging in Bali, tourism actually turn on the local traditions, such as staging Barong, Kecak, tek-press, and gamelan. Tradition also be able to follow the demands of development. The tradition of an agrarian character must be processed into a tradition characterized by service, as demanded by the world for tourism, said Editor in Chief of skid trails, cultural magazine Bali, it is.

Therefore, a wildlife park attractions, golf, or racing a car in Bali, for example, are objects that deviated from the direction of cultural tourism.

General Manager of Hotel Inna Bali Maryanto unsettled claims against the presence of star hotels in Bali that multiply uncontrollably and was impressed. Therefore, the construction of luxury hotels to be stopped.

Secretary General of the Union of Hotel and Restaurant Bali Indonesia Mark Perry thoroughly assess the needs assessment prior to said that Bali’s tourism industry is saturated. So, it needs a master plan for some time to come. Once passed, the revised return in accordance with the demands of the times


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