The Ethics Of The Distribution Of Alternative Medicine Consultation Cure Cancer

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After all, I wanted to help people and teach them to my new discoveries. So, I joined millions of other well-intentioned people unknowingly Fanning “a tsunami” miracle cures for cancer. Despite the good intentions led to the expulsions, died of cancer at the end of the day, alternative medicine is just a useless death, whatever the purpose.

After 4.5 years of work in the field for cancer, now I know otherwise. I have seen the growth of alt / med dead. Now I believe, by promoting the alt / med moral material is an important issue, especially when one takes into account the number of cancer patients suffer from PTSD (whether they recognize it or not), and therefore can not have the ability to make rational choices .

Much of my life I have been involved in the rescue rescue of the river, the mountains and surf, but now as director of cancer Help, I have witnessed many dramas I seen in 40 years of rescues in the open. Most of them are among the patients who used alternative therapies and abandoned or delayed conventional medicine. Steve Jobs has delayed conventional treatment would have it tested various alternative methods. Surgeon colleagues are shocked as last year, we referred to their five female patients with “budding” breast tumors, slightly more frequent in the Dark Ages.

So here’s my message clear. When it comes to giving advice on alternative treatment for cancer – it stop! You may never have thought that the dismissal of an e-mail viralled can cause patients to delay conventional therapies, while “tinkering” around with alt / med methods. A medical colleague recently said, “Patients do not seem to realize that they have one life to the practice of trial and error methods to cure cancer -. Until it is too late”

Do not give everything / advice cancer unless you are willing to take responsibility for the outcome of the advice you give. I will repeat it because it is so critical. Do not give everything / advice cancer unless you are willing to take responsibility for the outcome of the advice you give.

Before pressing the button forward, we must ask that we stand ready to support full-time dealer / financial supporter of the patient or his family when he goes wrong? Ethics must replace any connection to the ideology of nature. In jury service, we would not send someone to the electric chair, unless we was clear. Can we have any doubt about our TOTAL / recommendations med? Do we have presented both sides of medicine, or “cherry taken” which supports our ideology? Do we have carefully studied the papers conventional medicine (allopathic) on any / MED treatment, we want to send to our friends, especially those who may have cancer?

Fix a natural cure for the ideologies of the border, and fundamentalism can not ignore the science and reasoning. Since several decades, sometimes vegan / vegetarian eater now more balanced, I did, and proselytizing path “natural” foods to treat disease. But it is hard to ignore all the patients I see a dying cancer treatments alternative, or to delay treatment while experimenting with alt / med like Steve Jobs, who is suspected of having committed. With 43 000 annual deaths from cancer in Australia I suspect alt / med deaths in 10% of that amount or higher, 4300 is much greater than our annual road death, around 1400 hours

But “right” people who have no idea about anything / death MED or experience in the treatment of cancer patients, will move natural tips to cure cancer. M, the local yoga teacher who is loved by his students is a classic example. Her students consider her expertise in yoga therapy, and this gives him a certain authority. His advice to a student of yoga, which was also our patient was to do the “natural way”. I understand. I am a yoga teacher and I could be his time. I talk to him, but I can not pass through his system of belief or mentality. One approach is wiser to use yoga as a therapy ajunct conventional medicine, not an alternative.

It’s easy to fall into the following scenario illustrates. His good friend has cancer, you want to help. That Dr. Internet “Research as a teacher of yoga, M, who distrust Big Pharma and modern medicine you cancer remedies.” In Google – you will find 14 million results, most are “natural” remedies against cancer. It is unlikely that discusses reputable sites of cancer medicine, such as the National Cancer Institute Sloan Kettering Cancer Council or Australia, as the mistrust and alternative science to ideology.

Another scenario: You get one of the many emails to promote the “black salve” for skin cancer. You will find 10.5 million Google results for black ointment and seems convincing. You do not know which is the recycled fashion (resurfaced every ten years) and will not see the deaths as we have it, death in healthy people who ate “good food”. Googe advice sounds good to you send it.

Crossing the cure for cancer of the power can not see, as we do people who ate all sorts of “anti-cancer diet” for long periods of up to three decades and swallowed juice 4-6 fresh juice per day of crude. They always had the cancer. More juice will not make them better, in fact, their blood samples inevitably show deficiencies and imbalances in the juice too. It is not natural to eat a wheelbarrow of fruit and vegetables per week, and certainly does not stop cancer

A cancer specialist, I know, for nearly four decades to help 13,000 + cancer patients, did not see a cure for cancer attributed solely to the “alternative medicine”. Patients also successfully used conventional medicine, but often played this down. Today, we call complementary medicine, but Arena is complicated and requires a rare degree of cooperation.

Despite the rush of any monitor / MED, all cancer deaths / med increases rapidly, while conventional medicine cancer deaths declined steadily. This trend has accelerated, because some patients in the medical system ends up with bad treatment. Their stories are horrific and sometimes include abuse, apathy and inefficiency, to name a few.

As you can see I am not blindly promoting allopathic medicine than perfect because it is not. As a leading Gold Coast GP recently stated: “Medicine is a whore, but at least they have mechanisms to keep the process honest and complain when things / MED do not.”

We find patients who have tried all the “latest” alternative cancer treatments. Some have spent up to six figure amounts in these modes, but we have not seen one of these plans altered the internet promotes cancer progression. Worse was valuable time is lost as the disease has spread. In many cases it is too late!

In conclusion, I repeat, do not let the alt / med to treat cancer.

I am a director of the Institute through Gawler integrated solutions for cancer – a charity promoting health.

The founder of the Institute, Grace Gawler is my partner. Grace has lived a life of service unique, often against great adversity. Six years after a routine surgery left her without depending on the bowel, Grace, against all advice, had colon surgery a world first bionic in the Netherlands.

Helps patients to know that she was “leading by example” in his own medical situation. His dedication to finding solutions for their patients leads to excellence – even when they are told is impossible.

Institute is a pioneer in the collaboration of cancer medicine – work with the best players in the world and the institutions at the forefront of cancer medicine. We work coordinators / Homes can develop the team and support a variety of proven complementary therapies.


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