Unique and Remarkable Elevators From Around the World

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As of 2008, Italy is the country with the most elevators installed in the world, with 850,000 elevators installed that run more than one hundred million lifts every day, followed by US with 700,000 elevators installed and China with 610,000 elevators installed since 1949. The world’s largest market for elevators is Italy with more than 1,629 million euros of sales and 1,224 million euros of internal market. However, China is an emerging market, and by 2013 it is expected to have installed about 1,300,000 elevators.

World’s Fastest Elevator

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The world’s fastest elevator is installed at Taipei 101. The Taipei 101 is 1667-ft., 101-storey building and has 67 elevator units, including two that service the 89th-floor observation deck and qualify as the world’s fastest. These rockets skyward at a peak speed of 3,314 ft. per minute (fpm), more than 800 fpm faster than the previous record holder in Japan’s Yokohama Landmark Tower. By comparison, an airline pilot normally maintains a climb, or descent rate, of no more than 1000 fpm.

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World’s Second Fastest Elevator

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The second fastest elevator in the world is credited to the Yokohama Landmark Tower, the tallest building in Japan, standing 295.8 m or 970 ft high. It is located in the Minato Mirai 21 district of Yokohama City. The tower contains the world’s second fastest elevator, which reaches speeds of 12.5 m or 41 ft per second (45.0 km/h, 28.0 mi/h). This speed allows the elevator to reach the 69th floor in approximately 40 seconds.

The building contains a five star hotel which occupies floors 49-70. On the 69th floor there is an observatory, Sky Garden, from which one can enjoy a 360-degree view of the city, and on clear days Mount Fuji.

World’s Highest Glass Elevator and Heaviest Outdoor Elevator

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Are you afraid of height? Do not try this! The highest glass elevator in the world is the Bailong Elevator situated in China and conveys tourists to the top of a 1070-feet hill. This glass elevator is built onto the side of a huge cliff in Zhangjiajie. This stomach-dropping ride is the highest and heaviest outdoor elevator in the world.

World’s Tallest Elevator Shaft

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The world’s tallest elevator shaft is at Solae, a 173 m tall building that cost US$45 million. It was built by the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation specifically to enable engineers to research the next generation of high-speed elevators. The world’s fastest elevator is currently at Taipei 101 and travels at 37.66mph but this will soon be beaten by the elevators at the 800 meter high Burj Dubai which will reach ear-popping speeds of 42.36mph.

Notably Unique Elevators From Around the World

Top of the Rock Elevator

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One of the most peculiar elevators in the world is the elevator of the GE Building at Rockefeller Center in New York City. It is a high-speed glass top elevator. Guests ascending to the 67th, 69th, and 70th level observation decks which, dubbed Top of the Rock, ride a high-speed glass-top elevator. When entering the cab, it appears to be any normal elevator ride. However, once the cab begins moving, the interior lights turn off and a special blue light above the cab turns on. This lights the entire shaft, so riders can see the moving cab through its glass ceiling as it rises and lowers through the shaft. Music plays and various animations are also displayed on the ceiling. The entire ride takes about 60 seconds.

See VIDEO HERE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlzCfe59BE8

Disneyland, Anaheim, California

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The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, USA has an unusual ride. The “stretching room” on the ride is actually an elevator that travels downwards, giving access to a short underground tunnel which leads to the rest of the attraction. The elevator has no ceiling and its shaft is decorated to look like walls of a mansion. Because there is no roof, passengers are able to see the walls of the shaft by looking up, which gives the illusion of the room stretching.

See VIDEO HERE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SujLu8EJT80

New City Hall, Hanover, Germany

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One unique elevator found in Europe and is considered a technical rarity is the elevator in the New City Hall in Hanover, Germany. As the elevator starts straight up but then changes its angle by 15 degrees to follow the contour of the dome of the hall. The cabin therefore tilts 15 degrees during the ride. The elevator travels a height of 43 meters.

Unique Glass Elevator

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This odd-looking elevator located in the center of the Apple Store in London is operated by a hydraulic ram and made almost entirely of glass, consisting of a glass shaft, containing a car with glass walls and ceiling. The elevator is unique in a number of ways: firstly, the car-top controls are removable, so that whilst the lift is in normal service, there are no visible mechanics on top of the glass box that is the car;

secondly, there are no lift position switches within the shaft, with the exception of the top final-limit switch. Instead of these conventional switches within the shaft, the lift employs a laser, which is aimed from under the pit floor to a target on the car, and in this way the exact height of the car can be obtained, enabling the car to stop with an accuracy of 1 mm.

Luxor Inclinator Elevator

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Luxor Hotel is a unique building located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The elevator system installed in this casino is called – the Inclinator. The shape of this casino is a pyramid. Therefore, the elevator travels up the side of the pyramid at a 39 degree angle.

Tramway – Unique Elevator System

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The Gateway Arch located in St. Louis, Missouri in the US has a unique elevator system called tramway which carries passengers from the visitors’ center underneath the Arch to the observation deck at the top of the structure. There are two tramways within the Arch, one at the north end, and the other at the south end.

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People enter this unique tramway much as one would enter an ordinary elevator, through double doors. Passing through the doors the passengers in small groups enter a horizontal cylindrical compartment containing seats on each side and a flat floor. A number of these compartments are linked to form a train. These compartments each individually retain an appropriate level orientation by tilting while the entire train follows curved tracks up one leg of the arch.

Climbing Elevator

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A climbing elevator is a self-ascending elevator with its own propulsion. Climbing elevators are used in guyed masts or towers, in order to make easy access to parts of these constructions, such as flight safety lamps for maintenance. Austin in Texas, USA is the only city in the world known to still operate a climbing elevator. The 17 remaining towers popularly called Moonlight Towers are 165 feet tall and have a fifteen foot foundation.

Europe’s Highest Exterior Lift

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Europe’s highest exterior elevator is the Hammetschwand Lift located in Switzerland. It connects a spectacular rock path with the lookout point Hammetschwand on the Burgenstock plateau overlooking Lake Lucerne.

Only Outdoor Municipal Elevator in the US

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The 130 ft or 40 m tall elevator of the Oregon City Municipal which connects two neighborhoods in Oregon City in the US state of Oregon is the only outdoor municipal elevator in the US and one of only four in the world. The upper portion contains an observation deck which accounts for its flying saucer appearance.

Notable Passenger Truss-tower Elevator

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This passenger truss-tower elevator Bad Schandau Elevator was built in 1904 at Bad Schandau (a spa town in Germany), which runs from Bad Schandau on the Ostrau. The height of the elevator is 52.26 m, in art nouveau arranged steel framework tower upward, which has a diameter of 5.20 m at the ground and at the door such of 2.5 meters. On the way upward it overcomes a difference in height of 47.76 m.

Popular Outdoor Elevator

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This elevator in the City of Lisbon, Portugal that connects downtown streets with the uphill Carmo Square is called Santa Justa Lift or Carmo Lift. The iron lift is 45 meters tall and is decorated in eogothic style, with a different pattern on each storey. The top storey is reached by helicoidal staircases and has a terrace that offers views of Lisbon Castle, the Rossio Square and the Baixa neighborhood. There are two elevator booths. Each booth has a wooden interior and accommodates 24 people.

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