How to Research Government Procurement Opportunities

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Is the Government buying what you’re selling? The answer is likely, yes. But don’t take my word for it. Do the research and find out for yourself. The Federal Procurement Data System – Next Generation (FPDS-NG) exists in order to provide more transparency and visibility into government contracting and to standardize the contracting process. The system is a searchable database that allows you to access procurement information via four different methods.

1. Standard Reports allow users to access around 50 government reports, including Small Business reports, Federal contract actions and Dollars, etc.

2. Published Reports are just that, static reports prepared for the fiscal year based on the public and aggregate data across the Federal Government.

3. Advanced Search allows users to search reported documents and gather information like contracts awarded by specific NAICS codes or Product/Service Codes (PSC.)

4. Ad Hoc Reports are totally customizable and allow users to select individual fields across the FPDS-NG Database to run a query.

The Federal Procurement Data System Database is not an easy system to navigate. There are some tutorials available in the system that you can take to help you learn how to use the database effectively. The real power of this database, however, is its ability to arm you with the information you need to uncover who is buying what you sell. There are more than 60 department that use this database. Once you know the Department, you can drill down to the Agency and keep drilling until you find a Contracting Office and, more importantly, a Contracting Officer with whom you can begin to build a relationship,

If you are trying to do business with the government, you may have already taken a few procurement courses, or gone to some of the SBA seminars about preparing yourself for the Federal marketplace. The one common thread that you’ve heard time and time again is that building a relationship with the contracting officers is KEY. There are certainly other things that are necessary, i.e. your capabilities statement, past performance, resources necessary to perform, etc. Without the foundation of a relationship with the contracting officer, you may as well be shooting in the dark, you may get lucky and hit your target, but chances are you’ll miss the mark.

The government spends trillions of dollars every year. Do the research and see which agencies are buying what you’re selling, then contact us so we can get your business certified and prepared to bid in the Federal marketplace. Best of luck to you.


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