Avoiding Procrastination-The Easy Way to it

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Why do you delay doing things? Sometimes it might be plain laziness, but most of thetime it is lack of motivation and fear of failure.

 I always liked writing my thoughts. I decided I should write articles and earn money by submitting them to article sites. Since I am not a professional writer, I was apprehensive as to how I will be able to compete with the professionals who had their own unique flair. ‘I was nothing’, I told myself. I would sit before the computer, but my mind would beparalyzed with lack of confidence and I would put off my intention of writing to another day. The next day also I was not prepared; it took me a year to put some efforts to write a single article.

I boosted my confidence level and set a target that I should finish at least one article per day. How difficult it seemed to me. But now I write two to three articles a day and I finish them within three to four hours. Not very fast, but better isn’t it. When my confidence level was low I could not do anything and I kept procrastinating, but when Igathered confidence I was able to put my thoughts into action.

Time is precious and if you keep delaying you are bound to be a loser. There are ways to avoid procrastination and achieve success in your life. Do you have the tendency to put off your work in office? I am sure you will be having a backlog of work staring at you, making you irritable and pulled down. The work allotted to you must be done only by you and there is no use delaying it.

Set a target in your mind and let the target beeasily achievable. If you set yourself a target of finishing your total work which normally takes a week, to be done within two days, your work performance will suffer and you become drained and fatigued. Do not hurry things, instead, try finishing your daily work without any backlog and it will make your work easy and less strenuous. You will find it easy to face your next day in office as there will be no unfinished work lying threateningly in your table.

Always appreciate yourself when you do your work within the scheduled time. Give yourself the luxury of doing something you like after you finish your work. It can be seeing your favorite cinema, or relaxing before the TV for the football match. Anything which relaxes you, you deserve it, don’t you.

Eliminate the fear of failure and tell yourself that you are capable of doing your workwith efficiency. Your self confidence will make you reluctant to procrastination and you will enjoy your work. Enjoy doing your work is essence of success.

Do not listen to your mood swings and act according to it. If you do so, you will not be able to work properly when you are off mood. When you approach your work cultivate your mind to be in a relaxed- and- raring- to –go- attitude. Everything becomes easy after this mind set and you never think of procrastination.

It is the initial starting of work which is always difficult. When you wake up in the morning you sometimes feel so lethargic that there is a feeling you cannot pull yourself to do any work on that day. But once you get out of bed and make a start there is an easy flow and you forget your tiredness.  When you put your foot forward, do not pull it back. The first step you take will subsequently see you through the day.

Avoid procrastinating anything in life, as you will be left far behind others. Procrastination is like running around a lamp post, it will get you no where. Have you seen an athlete in a posture which indicates he is raring to go?  The whistle sound makes him sprint forward with utmost agility to reach the winning post. If he doesn’t do it he will be the loser. Never be a loser. Reach your target of success by doing your work with enjoyment and take the right path of achievement. You are born to win, aren’t you?


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