How to Whitening Your Teeth

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There are different ways that you can whiten your teeth at home.  The one way is to get a customized impression tray fitted to your top and bottom teeth.  You will want to wear this piece a few hours of each day filled with gel that whitens the teeth. You have to do this for no less than three days.  This can be cost up to $500 and sometimes you can find it for less.

You will see that there are many ways to whiten your teeth.  One way is to apply a teeth-whitening gel on each tooth and then a light called a Zoom is placed on your teeth for up to an hour. The gel is going to reflect the light and this will whiten your teeth.  There is also teeth whitening gel that is made from diluted hydrogen peroxide and this is placed on your teeth. After this a blue light known as a BriteSmile is going to be used on your teeth.  You can usually get your teeth about ten shades whiter using a power light bleaching also known as Rembrandt.

There are dentists out there that say this will protect from new stains forming and brown or yellow stains developing.  This can be expensive and even cost more than $500. Your teeth may be sensitive after these processes.  It can take a few days for your teeth to feel back to normal.

If your teeth have yellow on them it may be due to the fact that you drink a lot of cola, red wines, tea or even coffee. Some people that smoke also deal with discolored teeth.  If you do smoke or take certain medications that turn your teeth a shade of yellow, the teeth whitening process may not be as helpful as you might expect.

Whitening your Teeth the Natural Way

You can actually whiten your teeth a natural way.  You do not have to use the chemical treatments that are out on the market today. Back in the Elizabethan times, over 400 years ago, everyone took care of his or her teeth with natural remedies.  They did not have gels, pastes, and even dentists to help them with their dental needs.  People were their own dentists and took care of their teeth with their own procedures. The rich people used a mix of honey, vinegar, and wine to clean their teeth.  You may want to try this yourself and compare the difference.

Centuries ago, people would take an old rag with salt and water mixed on it and whitened their teeth.  You my want to give this a shot and see the difference. One big surprise was that they would also use human urine on their teeth to whiten them!  You may also want to take certain steps to prevent your teeth from looking yellow. It is known that teeth will start to yellow, as you get older.

Diet is also an important factor in the care of your teeth.  Coffee, tee, and smoking can cause your teeth to yellow very quickly.  You might not realize it but one of the worst things that you can put to your teeth is chips and wafers.  Another thing to consider is teeth may yellow because it runs in the family. This is another important thing to realize.

Rinsing your mouth with 75% lemon juice and 25% salt is a great whitening agent.  Some of the better foods and drinks will also help to keep bacteria from forming on the teeth. They may include celery and cranberry juice.

Dark chocolate will also help to reduce bacteria on the teeth.  When you see your teeth start to yellow, you may want to get out some chocolate instead of paying high cost for teeth whitening products.


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