Symptoms of Having Allergies

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Do you know what the main symptoms of allergies are?  Do you know what to look for when it comes to allergies?  Some are just very frustrating and annoying to most. However there are some people that have symptoms of allergies that can be very life threatening and dangerous. 

The most common symptoms are going to be the following: 

* Breathing problems.  This is one that can be very harmful for a person that has an allergy.  It is really going to get someone’ s attention.  Having a lack of oxygen can really get a person’s attention for the allergy. 
* Burning and itchy eyes known as Conjunctivitis. This is a big problem for most people that are dealing with allergies.
* Coughing.  This is something that many people with allergies have to deal with. It is a constant cough that will start to become painful for some.
* Diarrhea. Having diarrhea can be a very big problem for many people in their normal lifetime.  It may even become life threatening for some that have it too long.
* Headache.  Having a headache can be a very distractible problem.  Many times it is hard to live a normal life and do the things that a person normally would do.
* Hives.  Having hives is something that will be annoying and very uncomfortable.  It will be painful for some and it can bring the attention of others to you when you are out in public.
* Itchy notes. Mouth, throat and skin.  An itch that cannot be smoothed is one of the most annoying problems that an allergy can bring on. 
* Runny nose.  Having a runny nose is something that is going to mean that a person is constantly blowing their nose or sniffing. 
* Skin rashes are some that are painful and itchy most of the time. However they are also very annoying and even ugly for some people depending on where they are located on the body. 

Different Form of Allergies

There are going to be over 60 million Americans that are going to deal with a type of allergy at some point in their life.  This is going to be about one in four people.  It is the 5th most chronic disease in America and the third most common chronic disease for Children.  There are many people that suffer from more than one type of allergy.  Pollen from trees, grass, and weeds are found indoors and outdoors.  Other common indoor and outdoor allergies triggers are going to be mold spores, dust mites, and cockroach pollens.  Some will have allergies to cat and dog dander as well.

Skin allergies are going to be a very common form of allergy. The most common will cause skin allergies and they are plants like the poison oak, ivy and sumac.  Allergic reactions are going to be caused also by the skin contacting with latex, cockroach and dust mites and also some foods.  The skin allergies that are a main allergy or over seven percent of the allergy suffer. 

There are a lot of food and drug allergies that you will need to look out for.  There are going to be about 6% of allergy sufferers out there.  Food allergies are going to be most common in children today.  Peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs and soy are some of the leading allergic foods.  Food allergies are going to take about two hundred people out of lives each year.  Penicillin is going to help many people recover from the problems of food allergies and how it can help you feel better too. 

There are about 400 Americans that will lose their battle from allergies to Penicillin each year. They will die because of a reaction they have to the medication.There is latex and insect allergies that will also claim around 4% of the allergy suffer out there today.  Latex allergies will result in about ten deaths a year and nearly one hundred of those deaths are going to be the result of insect allergies. 


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