The Explosive Review – Super Star Wars (1992)

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The first in a series of a trilogy of Super Nintendo games that are based on the original “Star Wars” trilogy. This one basically follows the plot of “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope” with the exception of a few changes needed for its story to be adapted into a platform action game such as this. For one instance in particular – Luke Skywalker must leap across a series of conveyor belts and fight his way to the roof of a sandcrawler on Tattoine  in order to retrieve C-3P0 and R2-D2 whereas in the film, he simply just bought them from the Jawas.

“Aladdin” meets “Star Wars” on the Super Nintendo pretty much sums up the graphics. They’re good but not perfect. Luke comes off as a pretty boy, the lightsaber looks like a big icy, and the enemies don’t appear menacing at all. The only exceptions are the levels and the bosses in them – All of them were neatly conceptualized and received. I understand that this is a Super Nintendo game and graphics of course can’t exactly be up to today’s present standards but at least it looks 3-D during the cut-scenes and the final fight.

You begin “Super Star Wars” with only a blaster but end up with a lightsaber (and a blaster) as the game progresses. There’s plenty of juicy power-ups to collect to enhance your weaponry and physique to assist your victory in combat. You get to play as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca, each of which have different capabilities. You will commandeer different vehicles such as the Landspeeder and X-Wing. You’ll play through fifteen levels ranging from the planet of Tattoine, inside the Death Star, and to the Final aero space battle on the surface of the Death Star. Last but not least is a variety of bosses to battle at the end of each level, each with their own level of difficulty. The final boss is Darth Vader in his Tie Advanced Fighter aircraft.


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