The Explosive Review – Zombies Ate My Neighbors (1993)

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A madman scientist by the name of Dr. Tongue has created and unleashed a vast army of monsters to take over the world for him. However, teenage brother and sister Zeke and Julie set out to stop him and his evil creations with all the weaponry and ammunition one can ask for. 

The cartoony graphics are perfect for the game’s concept, they match the silly humor. Plus, since there is a wide variety of monsters and bosses to do battle with as well as large environments to explore, leaving you with plenty of new things to look at as you progress through each level. This is almost like a watered-down 2D precursor to “Dead Rising”, except with more monsters besides zombies. The controls are quite simple and basic as it only consists of four buttons to use. Very memorable and fluid-like, allowing you to handle your character with ease throughout each and every level.

You have the choice of playing two characters, Zeke and Julie, who are both brother and sister. You can also play both in two player mode which is loads of fun. Whether it’s one player or two player, you navigate these characters through suburban neighborhoods, shopping malls, pyramids, castles, football fields, lakes, and more – there is a total of 55 levels (that includes bonus levels too). Each level has a maximum of ten neighbors you need to save before proceeding on to the next, you must save at least one. However, the more you save, the more points you get. Throughout these levels, you must do battle with a wide variety of horror-movie monsters such as vampires…


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