The Explosive Review – The Last House On The Left (2009)

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Remake of the 1972 film of the same name. The parents of a raped daughter, who was shot and left for dead, act out their revenge on the four rapists that have taken shelter in their very own home.

“The Last House On The Left” has been the second remake so far this year to surprise me and blow my fears away (the first remake being “Friday The 13th”). I believe having the original director return as a producer here may have helped out significantly in terms of how this film turned out.

The remake is basically the same story as the original except it builds upon it much like the remake for “Friday The 13th” did. First of all, the annoying music in the original which did not match what was going on at all is now gone, thank God. The finale is more action-packed and extended as well. 

Many of the improvements is noticable within the characters. Krug’s girlfriend, Sadie, is depicted as a far more fierce villain; Mari’s father, John, appears more middle-aged here than his elder counterpart in the original and puts up more of a fight as well; Krug’s son, Justin, shows more depth and is more likable here. The only problem I have with the new cast is with the two girls – Mari is not attractive whatsoever, the original Mari was beautiful therefore making her more believable as a rape victim; then there’s her friend, Paige, who actually looks like Mari from the original film (looks like the casting director got it all backwards if you ask me)…


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